Yoga Day 2022: how to participate and why it becomes a way of life

World Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June, it is the right occasion to start meditating and practicing yoga in every declination and at any age

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There practice yoga it becomes more and more popular, in the sense that it gets closer and closer to people. David Lifewho together with Sharon Gannon founded the Jivamukti yoga method, friend and teacher of the singer Sting, explained the best way to access yoga: “Any access door is goodOnce crossed, a world of infinite possibilities opens up to the practitioner. There will be those who will choose to unroll the mat to lose weight, those who will enter a yoga room to quit smoking, those to recover from some symptoms, those to find some peace and those who will literally transform their life. All of these options are fine. ”

Yoga for everyone?

Practicing yoga is accessible to everyone, yet it is not for everyone! It might seem counterintuitive but it isn’t, everyone can access a yoga class whether online or face to face, few can access a practice that becomes a lifestyle, because this step requires commitment, perseverance, faith and courage. Yoga trainings today are often too fast and leave out much of what a yoga teacher should know, experience. Actresses, models, dancers are passionate about yoga and invent a new job: teaching yoga.

The choice of the yoga teacher

How to choose and who, what are the right selection criteria? A yoga teacher must research one continuous training and to propose to the students a key to access general well-being, to give tools that can nourish the health of people with meaning. For instance Tara Stiles is one of the best known yoga teachers overseas: she was a little girl who paraded on the catwalks, one day she met the yoga practice and since then she has put all her talents into the field, she married the boy she met on the mat next to her, she founded with he has become a method and a yoga school ally of women in the search for an authentic and non-performative image, became Deepak Chopra’s yoga teacher. Yes, yoga changes your life if you want it. Perhaps this is the magic formula that has led millions of people around the world to live this experience, to join hands and chant blessed mantras, to get up every time they fell, to question themselves. There is an alchemy, a sort of perfect equation between those who teach and those who are students, even if in the end, the secret of success lies in always feeling a little curious students in learning.

Yoga Day 2022

On 21 June the Indian Embassy in Italy promotes the project Yoga 4 UnityYoga Festival Italia presents: Yoga is my inner peace, free group sessions. In Milan the mat unrolls at 6 pm at the MAXI Studio, Via Moncucco 35. Event open to all, free with reservations required. The Sangeeta event will open Laura Biagi teacher of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. Following will intervene Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia, founders of the Odaka yoga method, where yoga and martial arts come together.

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