World Cup, the Italians - Big dreams with captain Paltrinieri, Quadarella and Pilato

Gregorio is the ace of 5 races, Benny set the world record in Budapest a year ago and Simona revealed herself here. Beware of Miressi and Ceccon

After 9 World Championships in a row, the first time without Federica Pellegrini: it seems strange also for Budapest, the city that since 2006 had always welcomed the Divina between European and World Championships, grand slams and golds. Five years ago Fede won gold in the 200m with Gabriele Detti in the 800s and with Gregorio Paltrinieri in the 1500s. Simoma Quadarella (bronze in 1500s), Martinenghi and Miressi made their debut. In 2019 in Gwangju Italy won another 3 golds, again with Federica in the 200sl, the Quadarella in the 1500s and Paltrinieri in the 800s. Now Paltrinieri is the captain: from another Great Italy? Meanwhile, the Olympian is preparing for 800 and 1500 in the pool, for the 5, 10 km and for the cross-country relay

The new national team

Men: Michele Lamberti brings back a large swimming family for the first time in a long course World Championship: in the back it is his turn, even in those 200 left without Restivo. An important showcase after the experience at the European Championships and the Short Course World Championships. Marco De Tullio after the fifth place in 2019 and after the changes and experiences of the last three years, it is the appointment that counts to measure one’s ambitions. Alberto Razzetti in the American version: twice in a day and in two specialties that are neither easy nor light: in the 200 butterfly he defends the rank of world champion in short course, in the 200 medley to make up for the Olympic misfortune. Lorenzo Galossi it can only grow and prove that talent has no age. He will swim in the 400 and will immediately return to Italy to prepare for the Eurojrs: welcome among the greats. Giacomo Carini in the role of a Burdisso: it was not easy to take back the scene after so many years: he started from scratch and now the final in the 200 butterfly would be a great landing point to make the most of all the sacrifices made. After two Olympic medals in relay, Thomas Ceccon look for the individual gem: with the absence of the Russians the goal is facilitated. It really could be his World Cup. A bit like Alessandro Miressi which is certainly not to be discovered. And so those like him are not looking for an author: they are looking for precious metals …


Francesca Fangio, has virtually a final time trial in the 200 breaststroke (2’23 ”60), a specialty that will be staged without the Tokyo Olympian, the South African Shoenmkaer. After the Olympic pass it is really too good an opportunity for the Livorno based in Lombardy to miss the entry among the magnificent eight. Arianna Castiglioni is in contention both in the 50 breaststroke (where the obligatory favorite is the world record holder and outgoing silver Benny Pilato) and in the 100 breaststroke, a test in which Martina Carraro was bronze in 2019. Arianna also entered the final: at her age, however, we must try the big leap. To have no regrets. Elena Di Liddo he is fighting in the 100 dolphin while the vortex of the generational change is marked and the superstars McKeon, Macneil and Sjostrom will be missing. Fourth in 2019, but with an impressive level raised, the combative Apulian can treat herself to a final. But she has to go full speed. Silvia Di Pietro always has a very crowded program, thanks to the relays. In the 50s sl and dolphin the Roman who is no longer very young must remember Windsor and stop time. The return to the grand universe will also be emotionally stimulating. The best Margherita Panziera he would have no problem fighting for the medal: he must forget Tokyo and react with anger to the wooden medal of 2019. Without thinking about it, without thinking about anything, without expectations, who knows that the European champion will not be surprised. Chiara Tarantino it is at the worldwide baptism of fire. The Lecce woman among the giants of the world can begin to explore the difficulties but to understand where she wants and can go. Dulcis basically we hope that Quadarella And Pilate manage to overcome even on behalf of a national team for the first time after 9 World Cups without Federica Pellegrini. You have to take a sector in hand and drag it along: Simo and Benny are not lacking in quality, also to fill the Italian pink gap. Precisely.

The words of the coach

Cesare Butini, Italian coach, explains: “It is a post-Olympic World Cup and we will try to honor it in terms of performances and we hope for medals. Many young people will try to shine. Our team is among the least numerous but has an age differential that leads us from Pietro Codia (32 years old, ed.) To a boy from 2006, namely Lorenzo Galossi. Seventeen years of difference, between experience and success, with the youngest swimming in the same lane to emulate and get excited together with the Italian champions, at every training session, at every race, on every occasion. The strength of this team is the group. The first World Cup after Federica Pellegrini? She will follow us anyway: her successes, her personality, professionalism and ability to teach the group remain indelible references “. “The captain – Butini continues – will be Gregorio Paltrinieri, winner of everything, an impeccable and available athlete. The female baton passes to Simona Quadarella. The national team has many points and many growing boys such as Benedetta Pilato, who became world record holder in the 50 breaststroke right at the Duna Arena and already silver at the World Championships at the age of 14; then there are the Olympic medalists Alessandro Miressi, Federico Burdisso, Thomas Ceccon, Nicolò Martinenghi, Manuel Frigo; there is the return of Luca Dotto, there are certainties in many specialties. We are ready, the goal is always the same: regardless of the medals I will be happy if the boys improve or swim performances in line with their personal values ​​”.

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