Vasseur calls for vigilance

While the Tour de Suisse peloton was hard hit by the coronavirus, Cédric Vasseur pointed out the lightness of certain teams and called on the peloton to react ahead of the Tour de France.

World cycling is on alert. As the start of the Tour de France is fast approaching, recent events on the Tour de Suisse have reminded us that the coronavirus remains a threat and could disrupt the summer event. No less than 29 riders, with two complete teams, did not start the 6th stage this Friday. A phenomenon that the general manager of the Cofidis team Cédric Vasseur described as “lightning” in an interview granted to RMC Sports. “To have so many positive riders on the roads of the Tour de Suisse, it also suggests that there are team staff members who are also potentially positive and who can contaminate “Recalled the former runner, who is worried about the medium-term consequences of this situation. “A rider who is positive today, it is possible that in two weeks, when he will have to present a negative PCR test less than 72 or 48 hours to the UCI, he will be positive when he has not even more symptoms, adds Cédric Vasseur. But according to the regulations, if you have a positive test, you cannot take the start of the Tour. And therein lies the real concern. »

Vasseur: “The first measure is to test”

The general manager of the Cofidis team assures that ” where we are safest is on a cycle race “, highlighting the fact that” all the people who take the start, therefore the runners and all the staff who accompany them, are negative “. However, he is worried about the perks during the race. “We are in contact with people in the hotels, we are in contact with people in the departure areas, from time to time in the arrival areas, he recalls. And that, nothing can be done. Or else you have to live in a bubble. “In the eyes of Cédric Vasseur, “ the first measure is to test “but, according to him, ” there are a lot of teams that have relaxed the pressure this season because it’s expensive, because they said to themselves it’s no longer necessary “. Awareness is therefore necessary according to the general manager of the Cofidis team, who expects the organizers of the Tour de France to review their plans. ” I think that the current health situation on the Tour de Suisse will force ASO, the organizer of the Tour de France, to probably review its copy and perhaps to increase the level of vigilance, he confided. Now, maybe just the obligation to wear a mask is enough. It is up to the specialists to position themselves. »

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