Udoka: "A defeat that hurts, but our project is in its infancy. And the future will be bright"

Horford: “Nobody would have bet a dollar on us in January, we have learned a lot this season.” Tatum: “We must accept defeat and think about making progress”

End of the line. The hopes of the Celtics are extinguished in front of Steph Curry’s triple. A truly positive season for Ime Udoka’s troop thus ends without a Hollywood ending. “Right now it hurts a lot – comments the Celtics coach – this is an experience that will serve us for our growth. If we want to become a team like Golden State we have to improve, we know that and we will work for it. The future is certainly bright, we have managed to change direction this season and our project is in its infancy. We have built the foundations, now we have to make the leap “The recurring theme in the Celtics postgame becomes the change of pace of a team that was 11th in the East in January.” At this moment it is not easy to look on the bright side – he says Horford – but I am incredibly proud of what this team has managed to do. Nobody would have bet a dollar on us in January, and instead we got to play the Finals with the Warriors. We have learned a lot this season ”.


“Ending the season in this way hurts – points out a really solid Robert Williams III in this series – I think it will hurt for the whole offseason but this defeat will motivate us in the next championship”. Finals in chiaroscuro especially for a Tatum who never managed to find rhythm in attack, also running into too many turnover. “It’s too easy right now to say that we should have done different things – says the Warriors superstar – we have to accept defeat and think about making progress. I certainly should have done something more, but these speeches are of little use. We tried but it wasn’t enough ”. Very good finals on a personal level, however, for Jaylen Brown, who grew up game after game, but in the end, however, his offensive production was not enough for the Celtics. “We have had several opportunities but we have not been able to exploit them – concludes Brown – at 2-1 in the series things could have gone differently. The truth is that we have not been mature enough, we need to make progress and we know it well. However I am proud of what the team has done this season ”.

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