TJ Parker (after Asvel's victory over Monaco in match 2): "The best answer"

TJ Parker (coach of Asvel, winner of Monaco 91-54 in match 2 of the Betclic Élite final) “I’m very proud of the team. Players know what to do to win at this level. But after match 1, we had to tell them again, show them the images. Tonight is the best answer we could have. Wednesday was not us, I told the players. We couldn’t show the same behavior as in the first game.

Fast play is very important to us. When you make stops, it’s easier to run. We were able to manage the tempo, run of course, but also work on the half-court and not just play fast with them because they are also very strong in this area. The rebound (39 taken from 34) was also the number 1 instruction. I expect a reaction from Monaco on Monday, but I’m focusing on us, we have to continue what we did well this evening. »

Elie Okobo (Asvel leader, 10 points Friday night) “We wanted to play aggressively and show a different face than in match 1. Playing like that gives us confidence. We set the pace, we ran, we gained confidence defensively. We absolutely had to take this game. We stayed very focused, playing as a team and without making too many mistakes. All 12 players can participate, everyone brings the good energy. Monday evening, Monaco will be with its public, we will also have to play hard from the start and reproduce the same efforts as today. »

Paul Lacombe (back of Asvel, 8 points) : “We had a certain game identity for three months, offensively and defensively, and we had lost it in this game 1. There, we found it, it was a collective reaction: each player entered brought something . If we want to beat them, it goes through that. Being good defensively gave us rhythm and like magic, we put our baskets behind. We are intelligent players, we said it to each other, we saw that we had no rhythm in match 1.

Inevitably, we expect a reaction from Monaco. We will go there with confidence. I’m not going to say that Game 3 will decide the series, but it will be very important for the continuation of the final. We saw that we could dream higher. Mentalities have changed, tonight (Friday) we were ready to go into battle. »

Mirko Ocokoljic (Monaco assistant coach) “We didn’t take the match the same way as Wednesday. Asvel arrived with twice as much energy and surprised us. This energy made the difference and from the second half, we tried to save a few players (in view of the rest of the series). We expect a reaction from the whole team, from each player. It will be a cutthroat match on Monday night. »

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