The redemptions of Florenzi and Messias?  Milan relies on the "Tonali model"

As for the ex from Brescia, the contracts of the two outsiders will be re-discussed only after the last day to exercise the right: discount for both, as happened for Sandro, announcements by the end of the month

The dead line is for the day after tomorrow, Saturday 18 June. But it is better to say it would be. We are talking about the last day to enforce the right of redemption of the players on loan. After that date, the character in question returns to home base and the permanent purchase option is no longer valid. In most cases, it is the date that is authentic. To represent the watershed. Sometimes, however, the deadline can be circumvented. Lawfully, of course. And Milan is resorting to this solution again this year, after having already done so last: we could define it the “Tonali model”, because it is precisely on the basis of the experience to redeem Sandro last summer, that the Rossoneri club is defining the redemptions of Florenzi and Messias. The essential condition, of course, is that the selling club also agrees.


What does this – let’s call it – method consist of (which is not a method: it is an opportunity)? Simple: let the dead line expire and go back to the table to study a new agreement. In other words: the amount fixed the previous year to exercise the right of redemption lapses, and a new one is found. It is worth repeating: the essential condition is that even the seller obviously agrees. With Tonali it happened like this. The initial agreement with Brescia provided for an overall deal worth 35 million, including an onerous loan (10), redemption (25) and bonus (10). After the “review” of the practice, Sandro has definitively become a Rossoneri player thanks to 10 million for the first year on loan, another 7 cash, plus 3 bonuses and the card of the young Olzer valued 3. Conditions clearly much more favorable, facilitated by the not exactly exciting performance of the 8 Rossoneri and by the availability of Cellino, who did not want to break the player’s lifelong dream. To do all this, Milan and Brescia technically had entered into a whole new negotiation.

New figures

And that’s what’s happening for Florenzi and Messias. The Devil will redeem both and there is already an agreement with the respective clubs of origin. But we will have to wait a few more days, going beyond June 18 and then formalizing a new agreement with new figures. With discount attached in both cases. The two situations are expected to be finalized and announced by the end of the month. As for Messias, the Brazilian arrived at Milanello as part of an onerous loan of 2.6 million and a ransom set at 5.4. The relegation to C of the Calabrians, in addition to the player’s salary, clearly “facilitates” the request for a Rossoneri discount: it should close at 3.5. As for Florenzi, the discount would bring the 4.5 million agreed a year ago to about 2.7. In fact, in Rome the scenario for the right winger is closed and the salary – 3 million net per season – completes the picture, in addition to the contractual deadline (2023). It is reasonable to think that Milan will offer Florenzi at least a two-year period, in order to partially spread his salary. Basically, even from this point of view, we can speak of the Tonali method.

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