The 8 best Game Boy Advance games, from Metroid to Sonic

Perhaps often overlooked, the Game Boy Advance is one of Nintendo’s best handheld consoles … and possibly of all time.

The Game Boy Advance it was a major technological breakthrough, something Nintendo has always been good at. What might have been an entire console a decade ago could now slip into your pocket with ease, and a mostly 2D console allows developers to relive the glory days of the SNES, even if those days weren’t that long ago. era.

Top 8 best Game Boy Advance games –

The Advance blew away the original Game Boy and brought with it some of the best 2D games the world has ever seen. May they be platform, adventure, JRPG or something totally weird, if you have a Game Boy Advance, then you’ve had access to an incredible library.

Game Boy Advance

Sonic Advance –

Some Sonic the Hedgehog fans will tell you that there haven’t been any good 2D games between Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Mania, but those fans clearly have never owned a handheld console. Just like the DS after him, the GBA didn’t just have one, they had three magnificent 2D Sonic games. They were great platformers that lived up to the golden age of Sonic, and included original characters for the first time.

Metroid Fusion –

Prior to Metroid’s incredibly long hiatus, Metroid Fusion had blessed the world with its presence. Many disagree in the fanbase about how great this game really is, but many believe it plays in the same league as Super Metroidwhich is the high point of the series.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance –

Final Fantasy Tactics is a series that has inspired a lot of great games over the years, so it’s nice to look back and see a great iteration in this classic series. With a traditional JRPG plot, in which a protagonist is sucked out of his world, you can enjoy a Final Fantasy-based story combined with refined tactical gameplay.

Game Boy Advance

Advance Wars –

Since you are talking about Tactical RPGs, here’s Advance Wars, a series so good that the fanbase has even managed to create a remake with sheer willpower. Clean and simple gameplay, with brilliant art direction and tons of memorable moments. While waiting for the recently postponed remakes to finally come out, why not retrieve the originals?

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap –

We have dealt with so many retro Nintendo consoles by now, and one series that has always appeared on these lists is that of The Legend of Zelda. Not only is it amazing that a LoZ chapter has entered each of these selections, but they are all fantastic games. With the ability to use a bird-hat that allows Link from shrinking down to solving classic puzzles in classic dungeons, this is the Zelda series you’ve always known and loved.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow –

If you knew what an “air” was without having to search for it, then Konami may have a job for you. Although it was a landmark that defined an entire genre, the Castlevania series was starting to move away from the genre of 2D adventure in the 2000s. This move would have seen the series collapse significantly but, first, it enjoyed one final two-dimensional adventure. If you’ve loved Symphony of the Night but never played it, you’ve been missing out on something big.

Game Boy Advance

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga –

The various Mario RPGs are quite crazy and perhaps none are crazier than Mario & Luigi games. They are great, though, since they blend Isometric puzzles and platformers with turn-based action combat (this description makes sense if you’ve played them, promised) and, if there’s a Mario spin-off franchise that needs a new chapter for Switch, you’ve found it.

Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Emerald –

Ruby and Sapphire may have introduced the world to the third generation of Pokémon, but Pokémon Emerald is the game that made it perfect. It was a huge step forward for the series, with the sprites receiving a lot more detail and even a little more animation to inject new life into our favorite creatures. Not to mention the magnificent lineup of new Pokémon. Rayquaza, Salamence, Sceptile and Absolojust to name a few.

Written by Ryan Woodrow for GLHF

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