Phenomenal Warriors!  Boston knocked out in Game 6, Golden State still NBA champion

With Curry mvp, Steve Kerr’s team reclaims the throne by finishing 4-2 with the Celtics

Still them. The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions again. It is the 4th time since 2015, the fourth for coach Kerr, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala. The fourth for Steph Curry, finally and deservedly mvp of the Finals. This title, however, the team of the Bay had to conquer, as the first time exactly 7 years ago. She came back from the hell of a 2019-20 with just 15 victories, from doubts about the recovery of Klay Thompson, who had remained stationary for two and a half years, on the estate of a group built on veterans of all time and on many young people. To keep it together, however, there was the Warriors culture, that of a dynasty that understood how to win and returned to shine. Golden State sweated this title, fighting against Boston who wanted to write its history of redemption. But Game-6 of the Finals said the Warriors are stronger, that the Larry O’Brien Trophy still belongs to them. The Celtics bow 103-90, and Golden State is champion again


This is indeed a system title. Steve Kerr often recalled in these Finals that the Golden State full rotation had it only in the playoffs, that Curry, Thompson and Green returned to play together all healthy only from the first round against Denver. That of the Warriors was a crescendo until the apotheosis of game-6 at the TD Garden: embracing the Larry O’Brien Trophy, delivered by Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum because Adam Silver was stopped by Covid, Golden State became the second team of always celebrating the title as an opponent on the Celtics parquet. A well-deserved title, a title that shows how in the NBA it is the strength of the group (Strength in Numbers, the motto of the 5 Finals in a row, is back in fashion) that makes the difference, continuity and planning rather than the shortcut of massing star. Golden State has built this ring on the pillars of all time, Curry, Thompson and Green, the ones who have grown together to become the most successful trio at the Finals of the last 50 years; on planning to raise Jordan Poole, just a year and a half ago in the G-League with his friend Nico Mannion; on the intuition of regenerating Andrew Wiggins, who in Minnesota seemed lost for the big stage and who in Golden State, with the spotlights on others, proved that he could be decisive. This title for the Warriors is special: it combines the past and the present with the future, a new triumph for the champions of all time (“I think we still have a lot to give,” said Steph Curry with a hint of pride) and for those who they could be the stars of tomorrow. It is the title of Steve Kerr, the ninth of his long adventure in the NBA, first as a player (5) and now as a coach (4): he has confirmed that he is one of those beautiful minds that make those around them great.


A bad taste remains in the mouth in Boston, but this is for many reasons a turning point for the Celtics. It is no coincidence that TD Garden fans, digesting the defeat, look to the future with optimism. This team seemed lost in January, with the radio transfer market talking about incompatibility between stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. They changed gears to reach game 6 of the Finals, two wins from the title. And they have a lot to be the team of the future, starting with two stars under 25 with still plenty of room to improve. Like the Warriors, the Celtics are a team built on Draft and programming, which after the giant steps made in the second half of the season must work to understand how to remain the protagonist, how to stay on top. Boston lost the Finals because it slowly ran out of gas: while the Warriors went on a crescendo, dragged at first by Curry and then by the strength of the group, the Celtics went down. Race-6 had to be the one in which with their backs to the wall they split the world, they played in that sublime way that had brought them 2-1 forward. They succeeded for the first 4 ‘, then they surrendered to the reality of a defeat that became inevitable. But they have everything to try again.

the last act

The perfect Celtics start, 14-2 after 4 ‘, deceives the TD Garden. Golden State returns with patience and the strength of the group and is ahead 27-22 at the end of the first quarter, but in the second he puts the turbo, pushed first by Poole and then by Curry, Thompson and the extraordinary defense of Green up to +21, 54 -33 with 2 ‘from the interval. Boston scores the last 6 points of the first half to try to keep her alive, finds an amazing Horford in the third quarter (12 points and 6 rebounds) to start the final 12 ‘under 76-66 after being at -22. But Golden State finds Curry, irresistible (34 points) as he has been throughout the series, and runs away again. Towards the title, towards that NBA throne that now belongs to her again.
Boston: Brown 34 (7/12 from two, 5/11 from three, 5/6 free throws), Horford 19, Tatum 13. Rebounds: Horford 14. Assists: Smart 9.
Golden State: Curry 34 (6/10, 6/11, 4/4 tl), Wiggins 18, Poole 15. Rebounds: Green 8. Assists: Green 8.

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