Mini Cooper SE and Countryman, here is the sleeping tent

A nice idea of ​​the English House: a modern and well-equipped tent to be mounted on the roof. For spartan journeys but without limits

Maurizio Bertera

In the golden age of camping, mini-vans – often produced by car manufacturers – conquered a good segment of the public. Excellent for a traveling holiday but also suitable for everyday use. The dimensions are compact so they have maneuverability, stability, parking possibilities that allow use on city streets and offer automotive behavior on fast ones: with a van you are free to ‘navigate’ anywhere and have fun behind the wheel, with a motorhomes less. For the more spartan (and original) Mini has thought of going further by presenting a rather unusual range of accessories: real tents to spend a day or a weekend outdoors. Then there are some ‘Spartan’ travelers who have no problem doing real tours. Available in various sizes and models (they are in the list of official options), they hook onto the roof bars of the Countryman All4 plug-in hybrid and the electric Cooper SE, not surprisingly the more ‘green’ models of the brand


The roof tent is made by Autohome: when closed, it is barely distinguishable from a normal transport box. The aerodynamically shaped fiberglass housing unlocks via safety latches: two in the front, one in the back. The awning superstructure is then automatically raised by means of four gas springs. The material protects from rain and wind while access is via a sturdy aluminum ladder. Inside there is a high-density mattress with cotton cover, two doors and two windows with zippers, battery-powered LED lighting, nets and pockets for luggage.


Sleeping bags, luggage and provisions can be safely stowed inside the trunk from 211 to 731 liters of the electric Cooper SE and from 405 to 1 275 liters of the Cooper SE Countryman All4. And thanks to the electric drive of both cars, it is possible to travel in the middle of nature with zero emissions.With a length of 2.10 meters, a width of 1.30 meters and a height of about one meter, the sleeping area offers enough space for quiet nights, with the subtle pleasure of being on the roof of a trendy car.

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