Michieletto is back: "The blue jersey remains an honor. It's nice to have pressure"

The spiker returns to Italy, which has left for the Philippines for the second round of the Nations League: “The guys in Canada have been very good. I know there are expectations, it means that I have done good things”

Gian Luca Pasini

Airplanes again, this time with the number 5 on their back. Ready for another adventure.

How was the return to the national team for Alessandro Michieletto?
“You work all year to get a call-up and every time it comes to you it’s always nice. It’s a shirt that weighs, that’s why it’s even more beautiful. Even if after a bit of vacation it was a while to go back to the gym. complicated. The legs are a bit heavy. You have to find the rhythm, but then the best form to play this Nations League will also return. “

After eighty and more games played in the last year, do you still want to play?
“The desire is always there. Come on, I’m still young. There have been many races, it’s true, but age from this point of view helps me. And the body too. Maybe in a few years I will struggle more.”

He is leaving for the Philippines for another stage of the Nations League: back in the blue jersey after the triumph at the 2021 European Championship, what do you remember of that period?
“I only have good memories. I am reminded of the carefree with which we went to face that European. A new experience for me, without too many expectations in the people who watched us from home. Instead we – in our small way – we sweated, struggled and we have achieved something that for many was unexpected. From the inside we have always believed in it. I think repeating ourselves is very difficult. But we are Italy and we want to keep up the name of our country. Because our national team deserves to stay in the We know that expectations will be higher, but as we have done so far we will continue to work hard in the gym. “

There will certainly be more pressure on you. Alessandro Michieletto has shown that he is not afraid …
“It is welcome to have more pressure. If there is, it means that you are important players for that team. We all want to be. From the outside you will certainly feel it, but we are also used to it. I like games from the inside or outside. outside, they are beautiful to play. They are the ones we dream of. We work all year to play those kinds of games there. “

While you were training in Cavalese, your teammates did a good job in Canada: three out of four wins in the first week of the Nations League …
“I saw those matches. My teammates played very well. The spirit has remained the same as last year, that is, never leave anything on the street. And always try. Anyone who takes the field tries to give their all for this shirt. A spirit. that starts right from training “.

A year ago he also became famous for his lobs. Now he has stopped doing them for a while. Because?
“For me it has always been a way of fixing the balls. I still do it when maybe I am a little late or early on the ball. But if it is good, now I shoot.”

How much has your life changed in this last year? He became a character …
“Yes, it’s a little bit true, maybe there are more people who know my name. Even now it’s something that makes me quite strange, because I’m not used to it. But it’s clear that it’s nice. It means that I did something good. Always remain the boy I am, without looking too much at what happens off the pitch I think that’s the best way for me to follow. Because then it’s really a moment to get lost. I know my life has changed, I’m adapting . I’m not perfect, but I try to improve “.

Has your disappointment over the Scudetto lost by Inter gone a bit?
“I still have it here. Also because I have some AC Milan team mates who don’t miss the chance to make fun of me, but I am consoling myself with the Inter transfer market that I am really enjoying. With that attacking trio from I dream of Lukaku-Lautaro-Dybala. In the hope that we don’t have to sell Skriniar, who in my opinion is one of the best. But I have full confidence in Marotta “.

He was also on a visit to the Pinetina. Excited?
“Very nice that day. A place I did not know. Apart from meeting the players, the staff, Marotta himself. And then the whole structure by the chefs, the swimming pools. Things that we in volleyball are not so used to … One great experience. Then I brought some luck: because immediately afterwards we won the Italian Cup “.

A historic year for the Michieletto family (father Riccardo in Trento is a manager of the company) culminating in the promotion won by his sister Francesca with Macerata …
“She was very good, but unfortunately we almost didn’t see each other. Because when the championship was over she then started right away with the beach.”

You could all find yourselves in Trento next year, with Francesca playing in the women’s team in A-2.
“As I told Bruno Da Re (the president, ed) too many Michieletto in one city … I’m kidding: if it happens, I will be very happy”.

Speaking of Trento: even if you lost the Champions League final, you have had a crazy season this year. Agree?
“A year like this was expected in a few. We played well. Of course, in the final part of the season, with the matches inside or out, we saw that there was someone who had something more than us. Perugia in the Italian Cup, Civitanova in the Scudetto semifinal and Zaksa in the Champions League. But we always went to the podium, in all the events we attended. And we raised the Super Cup which we don’t mind at all. For such a young team, it doesn’t seem bad at all. “

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