Inter-Dybala in detail, but with Antun an uphill agreement

The prosecutor’s claims weigh heavily in the okay to the deal. Another summit is expected shortly

Paulo Dybala is the jewel polished for weeks by Inter, the talent seduced and accompanied to the door of Appiano. If he has not yet crossed it, and if he will probably cross it after Romelu Lukaku, it is because not everything has been dissolved: there are no details to toast.


Nothing that compromises the happy ending, also because the success is wanted from all sides: both from Inter, which considers the now ex Juventus player on a free transfer a morsel too greedy not to take a bite, both the Argentine himself and around he did not find the interest he would have wanted for himself, especially from top foreign teams. Thus, he was also convinced for this reason that Inter Milan would be the perfect place to be reborn. And to make someone repent in Turin. What is certain is that sitting at the table with Joya’s representative and family friend, Jorge Antun, is turning out to be more complicated than expected: the biggest obstacle is finding an agreement with him on bonuses and on the need to tie them to Paulo’s consistency in performance. , unfortunately not very continuous in recent times. To be added, then, the age-old question of the signature award, a natural passage in business like these, with players on the deadline. We will meet again in a few days with intact optimism, after all the agent is often gravitating towards Milan: in the city he met Carlos Navel, the man of Joya’s sponsors, and Fabrizio De Vecchi, the intermediary who helped in these Dybala months.

Antun factor

The contract being drawn up will also be articulated, but for Antun it still represents a first time. He was a very good friend of Paulo’s father, who died prematurely of a tumor when the attacker was only 15 years old, but he is not a prosecutor at least according to the canons of tradition. His main activity is a car dealership in Cordoba, but if he found himself managing, first the incandescent renewal with Juve and then this delicate transition to the Nerazzurri, the reason comes from afar: years ago he found himself giving some advice. to a very young Paulo also because he was the agent of some tennis players. Among his acquaintances, it seems there was also David Nalbandian, a former Argentine star with 11 ATP titles, and for this reason he seemed suitable to give advice to a rising star. Now Paulo, however, is much more, he is a superstar at the decisive crossroads in his career. For the moment he is on a sailing holiday in Florida with Tucu Correa, his probable future companion, but he has no doubts that he will soon move to Milan. Indeed, that he will be available to Inzaghi from the beginning of the training camp set for 6 July. First, however, he will smell the scent of a football field: tomorrow he will participate in a charity match organized by Ronaldinho, “The Beautiful Game”, together with many South American greats including Vinicius and the former Nerazzurri Roberto Carlos. He will certainly have fun, maybe he will forget some too many insults that hurt him: in recent days the bombardment of former Juventus fans on social media has been incessant, to the point that it was necessary to deactivate the notifications.

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