How to compose the best possible team on Sorare?

Sorare is a game whose goal is to collect football NFTs registered in the Ethereum blockchain. Added to the collection aspect of NFTs, Sorare allows you to take part in fantasy football competitions in which real player performance takes precedence. Throughout this article, you will discover the essential points for the composition of the best possible team on Sorare once your players have been recruited.

Check the availability of your players

The fear of all Sorare players is DNP (Did Not Play). They intervene when one of your players has not played and directly put an end to your hopes of a good performance. Try to be on the lookout as much as possible for the news of your players’ teams to avoid them. Injuries, suspensions and calendar are mandatory parameters to check before selecting a player.

To verify this information, club sites or social networks are very useful. Injuries and suspensions are also reported in SorareData, a tool that lists the state of form of all players available in Sorare.

Analyze the calendar of the different teams of your players

This is where knowledge of football comes into its own. Do you have a striker playing against a particularly weak defence? Do you have a defender who has to face a really tough opponent? Check the league rankings to determine the odds of your players’ opponents. SorareData also offers this type of statistics, just go to the “SO5” tab and click on the “Gameweek center” button. You will find inside this menu a new tab called “match-up” which will allow you to analyze the match-ups of the players of your galleries in the blink of an eye. For a more global vision of the balance of power of the teams, the odds fixed by the bookmakers can also be a reliable indicator.

Choose the most experienced cards

It can be difficult to choose between players with similar average scores. When in doubt, favor those with a high card bonus for more scoring. Some Gameweeks are played on details, the more your cards are experienced the more likely you are to perform.

Moreover, it is very important not to forget to put the players that you do not use in training. It is through this competition that your players gain experience.

Select the right captain

Choosing the man who will wear the armband is a crucial decision for any Sorare manager. 20% more bonus can easily mean the difference between winning a prize and leaving the tournament empty-handed. The considerations to take into account are: choosing your player who scores the most regularly and choosing the best match-up if possible. It’s not easy to make this decision, but you can improve your chances by thinking about it logically.

Keep track of your team’s performance

Scores are updated live on match days on the Sorare website and app. So you can have a quick overview of your team’s performance during matches or their results after a match (pending). It’s worth remembering that all scores are subject to change overnight, as OPTA continually changes recorded data after a match has ended.

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