From dad Zaniolo and Erlic to Paltrinieri and Trevisan, here is the best of Sportweek

The man who decided the Conference League for Roma talks about the most important season of his career and the holidays with his son Tommaso. Space also for the swimming Olympian and the Roland Garros semifinalist, who talks about his most difficult battle: anorexia

Everyone wants it, and Sportweek gives it to you. Nicolò Zaniolo, Cup winner of the Conference League thanks to the goal in the final in Tirana, is the transfer man of the summer of 2022. Milan, Newcastle and above all Juve who thinks him in place of Dybala, chasing him, and Roma armored for 65 million. We met and photographed him for our magazine on newsstands tomorrow with the Gazzetta at a total price of 2 euros. With SW Zaniolo traces the balance of a special season for him, which began with his fatherhood and culminated with his first trophy, but “essential to regain continuity and return to being a footballer after the two very serious injuries I had: it went well and I am very happy “. He defines the hat-trick with Bodo as “the most important moment, one of the best nights of my career”, recounts the thrill of playing against the idol Ibrahimovic and Mourinho’s “carrot and stick” lessons. But he also remembers less happy moments, such as the benches in the derby and against Spezia or the defeat in the other derby seasoned with gestaccio towards the Lazio fans: “We had lost at home and I got a little bit of gnawing, so it came out that gesture: I apologize, with a clear mind I would not do it again “.

Zaniolo spent the holidays in Sardinia with his son Tommaso, while Martin Erlic, Croatian defender of La Spezia, is spending them helping his farmer father, picking carrots and potatoes in the family field: “All his life he breaks his back and I’m not the type who sees his old man working and goes to sunbathe ”. After all, he has the campaign in his blood: “I was born in ’98 and during the war in Yugoslavia my parents’ house was destroyed by a bomb. So they moved to the nearby barn, where they kept the animals, and there I was born, among the hens and pigs ”. His are the memories of a poor but healthy and happy childhood, which makes him appreciate even more the privileges of the current one.

Zidane’s 50 years and 25 since the retirement of another legend like Franco Baresi complete the first part of Sportweek, entirely dedicated to great football. Because, as always, there is room for much more, from swimming with an interview with Gregorio Paltrinieri, the Olympian who at the World Championships in Budapest wants to put Italy on his shoulders “like Kobe Bryant”, to tennis with another exclusive with Martina Trevisan, the semi-finalist tennis player at Roland Garros after beating anorexia: “I had lost the enthusiasm of my 15 years, but after the stop I wanted to give myself another chance”. And she took it great.

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