Esport - League of Legends - Dylan Falco: "Vitality, MAD Lions and Excel can surprise"

“How would you rate G2 Esports’ performance this year so far?
I’m extremely happy with our performance so far, whether it’s at Spring Split or MSI. We entered the European Championship thinking we were the best team in the competition, then we faced many international teams, some of which are really the best in the world. Our training against all these opponents has been very good, we have gained a lot of confidence. It was a bit surprising for us that we had such a hard time launching the spring split, but it was a pivotal moment where we had to integrate our new players, find our way of playing. When it started to work, we really exploded everything, especially during the playoffs.

Why were you so confident of having the best team in Europe before starting the season when squads like Fnatic and Vitality looked scarier on paper?
Things are sometimes a little dark from the outside but behind the scenes, we see many professional players training, we know how they evolve, we learn their mechanical potential but also their game intelligence. Sometimes a big name n is more than a big name. That’s not what matters the most. We really thought our new players were among the best in their positions in Europe. Jankos (Marcin Jankowski, jungler) and caPs (Rasmus Winther, midlaner), who have won a lot and gained a ton of experience, have helped us a lot in shaping this team. With this five, we had very good results in training before the start of the season and that also made me very confident. Everyone gives of themselves. Targamas (Raphaël Crabbé, support) has strong opinions on drafts and how to approach one before a match. He is very involved in the preparation of the matches. But what is good is that everyone brings their stone to the building. We have several leaders in the team, Jankos in particular, but we know how to follow the same direction.

At MSI, you still impressed…
Our run at MSI had some really, really high highs and a disappointing outcome. But RNG and T1 simply outperformed us. We couldn’t really compete with themselves if we were full of surprises in our first games. There are plenty of aspects where these two teams are much better: in the impact put in at the start of the game and in how to play a phase of lane principally. These two points together meant that we left with a handicap. I also feel like our overall mechanics, team play, and even how we handle the map were just inferior to theirs. These are points on which we can certainly improve by drafting better, by working more match ups and also with even more experience for this workforce. With more time, practice and ideas, we aspire to be able to defeat them.

What are the lessons of this MSI for G2?
It’s really great that our young players have been able to play so many matches on stage with an audience in the room. Experience has been hard to come by since the pandemic and many LEC players now have fewer matches played on stage than Flakked (Victor Lirola, adc) and Targamas (laughs). With the approach of the Summer play-offs and even the regular season since there will be public all the time now, we will feel at home. For our staff, it was also very important to play this international tournament since it allowed us to understand how to optimize everything and it prepares us as well as possible for the Worlds if we qualify.

G2 Esports has made it to the semi-finals of MSI 2022, the international mid-season tournament.  (C. Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

G2 Esports has made it to the semi-finals of MSI 2022, the international mid-season tournament. (C. Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

How do you judge the other LEC teams heading into the summer season?
Nothing is fixed, there is room for everyone at the top of the ranking. There are some teams that I expect to be at a good level, like Excel, Vitality and MAD Lions. Excel proved a lot in spring with its changes. And for the other two clubs mentioned, their new squads are very promising. I don’t know if it will work but I won’t be surprised to see one or more of these teams make the top 3.

Will they be your biggest rivals?
I think so, with Rogue and Fnatic of course, we shouldn’t forget them. Rogue will still be very strong, they are very consistent and have retained the backbone of their squad. They will play for the first places, that’s for sure. For the rest of the clubs, it’s very difficult to predict, we haven’t faced them much since our return from MSI so we’ll see.

Dylan Falco lifts the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split 2022 trophy with his team at G2 Esports.  (M. Konkol/Riot Games)

Dylan Falco lifts the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split 2022 trophy with his team at G2 Esports. (M. Konkol/Riot Games)

Precisely, you have had little rest time since your return from South Korea.
Our break lasted less than two weeks. It’s really very short. The goal was to do everything to rest, even if we asked each member of the team to continue playing a little bit. We approach the first week of competition with very little training in the legs and if it’s not perfect, I think we’re doing quite well. We are far from having our best face and it wouldn’t surprise me if we weren’t ultra-dominant during the first weeks.

During the MSI, Targamas said in L’Équipe that motivation was the key to continuing to show great things. How do you make sure it doesn’t run out?
We are very lucky to have players who are, first of all, very big fans of the game but also jovial people. It’s much easier to keep them motivated that way. I know that this is a point on which some teams have a little more difficulty than us. Obviously, we always have phases where things are not going so well. When Targamas said that, he remembered that there were periods when he had less desire to play but our group makes it possible for us to get up from this position. We are all really happy to be together and it pulls us up. »

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