Di Maria-Juve, yet it moves: white smoke at the beginning of the week?

The contacts between the club and the footballer’s entourage in recent days have been fruitful: in the last few hours there has been a rapprochement that could prove decisive. The offer: 7 million guaranteed and linked to a single year of contract

Now optimism filters: Angel Di Maria could very soon accept the Juventus proposal and make himself available to Max Allegri for next season. The contacts between the club and the player’s entourage in the last few days have been fruitful, in the last hours the rapprochement that could prove to be decisive for the negotiation. The Old Lady equalized the request: together with Barcelona, ​​which at the moment does not have the economic power to formalize the proposal, she has put the best offer on the table, but compared to the Catalans she is also ready to close immediately and without any reservations. When could the deal be finalized? At the beginning of the week at the latest. The arrival of the player on a free transfer could then unlock the other connected market situations (above all that of Kostic, identified to reinforce the opposite band), otherwise the bianconeri should identify the alternatives, making it more difficult – at this moment – to set purchase negotiations without having completed onerous sales.


The Argentine is back in Europe, the trip will be functional to signing with his new club. There are also Barcelona and Benfica a little more detached, but Juve went down decided in the last relaunch: 7 million guaranteed and linked to a single year of contract (as requested by the player), plus an option to renewal in his favor for the second year. Under these conditions, the entourage has shown willingness to close, clearly waiting for the player to dissolve the reserves. The idea of ​​”El Fideo” – before ending his career at home, in Rosario Central – is to play another year in the Champions League, preferably as a protagonist in a top club: the Old Lady not only offers him the opportunity to do so, but also offers him a frontline role to exalt Vlahovic and pass on experience to the rest of the group. Allegri gave a positive opinion on the operation in unsuspected times, considering the arrival of some experienced players after the sale of Chiellini and Dybala to be fundamental, aware that there are not many like him. The Argentine is the best assist-man in PSG history, advanced age (35 next February) did not make him lose his polish nor physical integrity: last year he played less than usual for technical choices , this is why Juve has respected its long thinking times up to now, while keeping a close eye on it. Now the parties seem closer, the final agreement could be the natural consequence: here we are.

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