Curry: “Different title from the others.  Our identity made us win "

Champagne in the locker room, ski goggles (also distributed in the press room) to protect the eyes, the feeling of having touched the sky with a finger. Golden State had tried them all before, but doing it again in Boston, after what this franchise has been through in the last three years, makes it all a new, different, special feeling. Even for those who have already been there 4 times, like the Finals mvp Steph Curry and the other members of the historic core.

the mvp of the Finals

“This title is different from the others – says Curry, looking at the mvp award of the Finals dedicated to Bill Russell from whom he does not part -. The last 3 years have been incredible, we have been through a lot thinking we can return to this stage. And now we have 4 titles, me, Drayomond, Klay and Andre. All this is special, special to have succeeded with this group. The last two months in the playoffs have been a continuous emotion on and off the pitch. You face it every day to make a dream come true, you get goosebumps just thinking back to everything you’ve been through. This title brings with it so many emotions and that’s what makes it different from the others. I still remember all those who doubted us, and instead now we are back on that stage: it’s surreal. I didn’t know what to expect from this season. Two months ago I was injured, we were in trouble but we told ourselves we had to level up at the right time. And we did it, because our identity is the thing that matters most “.


After the usual compliments to the Celtics, the 4-time champion coach photographs this embrace at the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the same way as his mvp: “They are all special titles, but this was the most incredible considering what we have been through in the last two years. and all the unknowns related to accidents. We put a new group around our historic core, but it was special to see how far the new ones managed to get. You need a team to win, we did it with the group ”.


For Klay, this is the title of his return to the top after an incredible ordeal. “I want to savor every moment,” he says, looking around the press room. “I said at the beginning of the season, winning the title was the only possible result: they took me for crazy. I, on the other hand, had seen a team that played in the way of the Warriors ”. Then he takes his revenge: “I remember a Grizzlies player (Jaren Jackson Jr, ed) tweeting our motto, Strength in Numbers, after beating us in a conference semifinal match: I can’t wait to tweet it. But how did he permit himself? “


“Winning is the most important thing for us, for all of us – says Draymond Green -. We support each other and now we can say it: no one, when we are healthy, has yet managed to beat us. Our goal now is to compete at a high level every year ”. He tells it with his children next to him, who distract him but were also his motivation: “One of the reasons I wanted to go back to a high level was for them, to see me win, to understand how important sacrifices are. During the playoffs the family takes a back seat: being able to celebrate with them is fantastic ”. Then he underlines how it was the defense that made the Warriors win this title: “When you have a sexy attack like ours it’s easy to get distracted, but we kept them under 100 points in 4 out of 6 games. We won with the defense”.

The others

Andrew Wiggins, with the Canadian flag on the press conference table, recounts his emotion: “I will celebrate like crazy – he says with a smile -. All that work, all that commitment to get here and now they are finally there. Is magnificent”. Otto Porter and Kevon Looney unveil the Warriors chorus of victory: “F … you Draymond, as the Boston fans sang. He sang it too “. Andre Iguodala, in his fourth personal ring, applauds Curry: “I’m happy for everyone, because this title is really special. But I am particularly happy for Steph, for this title for me it makes him the best playmaker of all time ”he says while he still has the cigar of victory in his hands. Jordan Poole talks about what made these Warriors special: “We are a group of selfless gamers, starting with the superstars. We all want our teammates to be successful, and all of this is rare ”.

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