Bmw G 310 R: how to easily replace the air filter

In the first episode of the Gazzetta Motori tutorial series we talk about the air filter, a fundamental component for allowing the engine to breathe. After working on the Bmw G 310 R, here are some small tips to perform the operation on your motorcycle in a few minutes

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Many two-wheel enthusiasts love to get their hands dirty on their bike which every year needs a little maintenance to always offer maximum safety and performance. Many maintenance operations can be safely carried out in the home box, obviously respecting the instructions indicated by the manufacturer. The air filter is one of the parts on your motorcycle that need to be checked most frequently. In fact, its job is to filter the outside and outside air stop dust and impurities before they are “breathed in” by the engine. It is therefore essential to constantly check the condition of the air filter, especially if you often travel on dusty roads.

air filter, how to do it

This component can be washed or replaced depending on the manufacturer. On many models it is hidden under the tank, on others it can be a little more accessible. The only precautions that must be kept in mind when changing the filter are mainly two: if you do not have a good memory, take lots of photos during disassembly or write the disassembled pieces on a sheet and separate the removed screws. This step is also important if it is necessary to disconnect some connectors such as that of the fuel pump or the air temperature sensor on the filter box. For this purpose, it helps to have quality tools, for example those from Beta. Finally, many airboxes, i.e. the box that contains the air filter, are made of plastic. So when tightening the cover screws you have to be very careful not to overdo the tightening torque in order not to risk damaging the thread. On road bikes the new filter can be mounted as you find it in the box, while on off-road models it must be lubricated with a special oil. In order not to make a mistake, you must always follow the manufacturer’s instructions: above you will find a quick video tutorial on the Bmw G 310 R, where in a few steps we were able to replace the air filter.

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