Arrests of more than 17 people on charges of compromising the integrity of the baccalaureate exams in Tebessa

The follow-ups and observations of the Central Authority for Combating Crimes Related to Media and Communication Technologies, during the June 2022 session for the baccalaureate exams, led to the arrest of more than 17 people suspected of compromising the integrity of the baccalaureate exams in the state of Tebessa, including the female component, a minor and candidates in the baccalaureate for this session, which this year was known intolerance to cheaters. Judicially, where the immediate appearance courts convicted them with prison sentences in force and suspended in force, ranging between one and two years, with fines of up to 500,000 Algerian dinars. And Islamic sciences and other materials on social networking sites, most notably emo and telegram, in the Tebessa court, a girl L. A prison sentence of 18 months and 100,000 Algerian dinars on charges of leaking the baccalaureate exam subjects on the imo website, and another was convicted of a one-year prison sentence with a fine of 100,000 dinars. 3 people were arrested in the municipality of Oqla with sentences ranging from one year to two years in force, and in the same jurisdiction of Sharia, a minor was placed in the presence of his guardian under the judicial supervision system, and in the Bir al-Ater court, the public prosecutor ordered the detention of 3 persons in pretrial detention until the time of their trial on June 19 on charges Leaking official exam topics via Telegram, and a person was convicted of two years in prison, enforceable with a fine of 500,000 Algerian dinars, and other provisions that affected a number of others for which we did not receive judicial data. On the other hand, a statement from the Tebessa state security services told us that their interests were registered during the process of securing the baccalaureate exams, implementing 63 harnesses through the various secured centers from the police services in the Tebessa region, for which about 1900 policemen were subjected directly and indirectly to the success of the baccalaureate activities. And securing the various aspects of their functioning through formations inside and around the centers and others concerned with situations, paths and ways leading to these centers and formations concerned with interfering and protecting examinees from various dangers or crimes that affect them and other formations concerned with accompanying and securing the transfer and distribution of examination papers and answers and The collection and sorting centers out of 63 carried out orders, 17 with judicial follow-up, in which an investigation was opened, and the rest 46 without judicial follow-up. It was also based on technical means that many cases of fraud and some cases of leakage of questions through groups in some social media outlets were revealed. On the part of the Directorate of Education of the state of Tebessa, the latter did not reveal any outcome of exclusions due to cheating or due to the delay in joining the examination centers. It appears that the Director of Education Al-Akhdar Ben Mazou G is reserved about any statements in this regard, as evidenced by the fact that he did not respond to the calls of Akher Sa’a newspaper, unlike the rest of the education directorates in the country, which cabled the accredited media institutions with daily data on the cases registered with them.
Hamza Sufyan

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