Andrea Mammoli, the youngest Italian IFBB Pro: "An inexplicable adrenaline on stage"

At 20 his first competition, at 23 he becomes the youngest IFBB PRO Classic Physique in Italy. Coach, fitness model and bodybuilder athlete, what characterizes him on stage is posing, which he defines as an art

Rachele Scoditti

A sector, that of fitness, which is becoming increasingly popular in Italy. And with it the world of bodybuilding. Dedication, patience and perseverance are the watchwords in this sport. Years of hard work, meticulous training and nutrition. Andrea Mammoli24, coach, fitness model and professional bodybuilder athlete in Classic Physique category, has been training for seven years. A job that led him to become the youngest Italian IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness) professional.

When and how did your passion for bodybuilding start?

“The passion for this lifestyle started in 2014/2015. I was a very thin kid and I didn’t feel good in my body. One day I saw videos on YouTube of some very famous American fitness models and from there the will to be like them. So I started to train with what I had and in September I made my first gym membership. Every day for me there was only giving more under the weights. I began to control what I ate, to study the basics of nutrition and training. I experimented and fell in love with the process more and more, seeing how my body shaped itself like a sculpture over time. “

And the idea of ​​competing?

“After three and a half years of training, I wanted to prepare a photo shoot. Since I needed to be more defined for this shooting, I said to myself ‘why not try to prepare a race as well?’. And so I tried a race in 2018 at 20 years. The thrill of the stage and the comparison with other athletes immediately involved me. The following year I wanted to compete again in a more organized way, I felt that I had potential to express. At 21 I had my first real season competitive, where I won 4 races. At the Italian championship I took home a first place as Classic Physique jr and a second place as Men’s Physique jr. “

What does it feel to be the youngest Italian IFBB professional?

“I returned to the stage after 2 years, after the pandemic, exactly last year, where I decided to move to the most important federation in the world, the NPC. My season ended by winning the Professional card, becoming the youngest IFBB PRO Classic Physique in Italy. This title made me very proud and proud of myself! “

Tell me about your federation and category …

“The NPC is the federation that organizes the competitions that qualify for the Mr. Olympia, the most important stage in the world in Las Vegas. My category, the Classic Physique wants to bring back the aesthetic and elegant canons of the golden years of Bodybuilding. 70/80 ‘, the years of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane. He has as main principles a body with a not exaggerated volume, with a narrow waist, muscular roundness, definition and a lot of elegance on stage in posing. It characterizes me on stage. For me, posing is an art form. When I do it I want to create emotions and give goosebumps to those who look at me. Currently I am contacted by many guys to teach them this art. “

What drives a person to do such an extreme sport?

“It’s complex to explain, but everything that the stage gives you when you get there, that sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and pride, gives you an inexplicable adrenaline. Like the sprinter who trains hours and hours every day, to make a race that goes out in a matter of seconds. So it is for us! “

What advice would you give to those who approach this sport?

“I notice that this sport and the fitness sector in Italy are growing more and more, year after year and this makes me happy. I have been in this world for 7 abundant years now and see more and more guys who now take me as an example and a point of reference. fills me with joy. But I would like to send the message: this is a sport that must be approached calmly and cautiously, step by step without being in a hurry, and I would like people to appreciate the efforts that we athletes make in the name of a passion we have. leaving aside prejudices. First of all we are human beings, like everyone else! “

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