Zidane at PSG, the distress of a former Marseillais

Just imagining Zinedine Zidane on the sidelines of PSG gives “sickness to the heart” to the former Marseillais, André-Pierre Gignac.

Top priority of Qatari decision-makers in the Paris Saint Germain to succeed Mauricio Pochettino, Zinedine Zidane has reached an agreement in principle with the capital club, according to various concordant sources. A piece of news that had the effect of a bomb Marseillesbirthplace of the 98 world champion and historic rival of PSG.

Passing through this Thursday evening on the show “Rothen ignites” on RMCthe ex-Marseillais Andre Pierre Gignac, an unconditional OM fan, reacted to the rumor sending “Zizou” to the bench of the Rouge et Bleu. And the Tigers striker is clearly one of those who would live badly to see the child from Marseille coaching the Rouge et Bleu.

” It hurts my heart “

“It hurts my heart (laughs). You have to say what is. I’ve always been in the rivalry before matches, I’ve always played that game. Me, I was bathed in this rivalry. I was born near Marseille, since I was very young, it’s the rivalry with Paris “said the Tigers striker.

“Someone who is not immersed in this rivalry will tell you that it is good to see Zizou return to France, he continued. But no, for a Marseillais, it’s not good. He’s a great coach, so for sure all the clubs will want him. Paris is becoming a European monster, so it’s normal that they want Zidane. But it would hurt my heart. »

“I would prefer that he take his troubles patiently »

Another version circulates in the press on the future of Zinedine Zidane suggesting that he would aim to take charge of the France team at the departure of Didier Deschamps, even if it means not returning to service in the meantime. A perspective that thrills “Dédé” Gignac.

I prefer that he wait to see what happens with the France team, even if I think it will be complicated to do what Didier Deschamps did, blew the 36-year-old striker. I would prefer that he take his pain in patience “. Like a majority of Marseille supporters…

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