Watch Os 9: all the new sports functions of the Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch operating system now also recognizes swimming strokes and workouts consisting of different sports. And as for running …

Eugenio Spagnuolo

– Milan

New watch faces, improved health options. But, above all, great attention to training with a series of new functions designed to make the experience of every sportsman more effective: from runners to swimmers. These are some of the novelties of Watch OS 9, the new operating system for Apple Watch, presented a few days ago. Not a new watch, then. But a number of new possibilities for the Apple Watches that are already on the market (from series 4 onwards). Let’s see what they are.

WatchOS 9: recognizes workouts involving different activitiesThe (perhaps) most interesting novelty is that with the new update to watchOS 9 you can accurately record the workouts that involve the alternation of different sports, such as in triathlon: Apple Watch software can now detect changes in the type of physical activity we are doing and to adapt, without our intervention. This means for example that we will no longer have to remember to add a stretching session after the gym or a strength training after the run: it will do all the software.

More accurate training trackingFitness tracking is one of the Apple Watch’s strong points. A work that is based on various metrics: calories, distances, steps, elevation, intensity and much more. WatchOS 9 now adds new training views, allowing us to have even more data available during the workout. This makes it easier for you to focus on your goals. The new option pedometer, for example, it allows you to choose a distance to travel and set a running duration goal, and calculate the ideal pace to reach it.

Watch OS 9 and personalized running workoutsIt takes a little bit of study, but ultimately the function Personalized workouts of Watch Os 9 could make a difference, giving us the possibility to create running workouts calibrated on our pace, distance and time we have available, and taking into account factors such as heart rate. Not only. New features include the ability to measure vertical swing, stride length and ground contact during a run. Three important indicators (although not the only ones) useful for understanding the way we run.

Not just training, but recovery as wellAlternating physical activity and recovery is essential in any self-respecting fitness program. With the update to WatchOS 9, it’s easier: the Training app now allows you to create a personalized workout based on physical activity, which also includes rest intervals established by us.

WatchOS 9: the news for those who swimThanks to the built-in sensors, Apple Watch can now also detect workouts in the pool and identify the type of stroke and the distance traveled during a swim: the efficiency follows the SWOLF score, which adds up the time and number of strokes required to complete a lap.

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