Tricolors under 18 at the Milan Arena: here's who to keep an eye on in middle distance competitions

What to expect from the Tricolori for the 2005/2006 classes and who seems more promising also from a European point of view

Giorgio Rondelli

They shoot atArena of Milan from tomorrow until Sunday morning i Italian pupils championships for children born in 2005/2006 which will involve about 1500 athletes in the various specialties. A very important review to experience first-hand the technical level reached by some of these samples both in the future and in the short term, given that next July 15th they are scheduled the European category championships in Jerusalem. Let’s try to identify the best of the eight middle distance races in perspective of these championships and in a European key.

Men’s 800 m (32 entrants)

The big favorite is the Roman Davide De Rosawhich has a staff of 1.51.27 and is also the only one to have achieved the minimum of 1.52.75 required to participate in the European championships.

Women’s 800 m (46 entries)

In this race promises a great duel between the Marche Virginia Bancolini (2.09.28) and the Friulian Lorenza De Noni (2.09.05). Both of these athletes have achieved the time limit of 2.10 necessary to compete in the Europeans.

Men’s 1500 m (28 entries)

The big favorite, perhaps the most talented athlete of the whole event, is the 16-year-old Manuel Zanini. A boy of Ethiopian origin adopted by a family from Varese. Manuel is presented in the race as the big favorite with a time of 3.51.51. To keep an eye on too Latena Cervone the other athlete who with 3.54.95 obtained the minimum of 3.55.00 for the Europeans.

1500 m women (39 entries)

No athlete has so far achieved the minimum of 4.30 to go to the Europeans. The best time of the season, on the other hand, is from Lazio Geneva Di Mugno with 4.31.96 but also pay attention to the Lombard Sofia Sidenius 4.34.31 Italian cross champion.

Male 3000 m (20 entries)

In this race a close duel for the title is expected between the Piedmontese Francesco Mazza 8.28.99 and Trentino Francesco Ropelato. Both of these athletes achieved the minimum of 8.32 for Jerusalem.

3000 m women (32 entries)

The big favorite is the Piedmontese Elena Abellonio seasonal leader with 9.47.34 time less than the minimum of 9.50 for Europeans.

2000 m men’s steeplechase (36 entrants)

In this race where we find 5 athletes who have obtained the minimum for the Europeans of 6.07.50 the big favorite is still Manuel Zanini with 5.53.77, but the boy will not have to get distracted because they are very competitive too Jacopo Risi with 5.56.49 and Brianza Davide Delaini with 5.58.24.

2000 m female hedges. 28 registered

In this test a good duel between Sofia Cafasso 7.02.10 and Alessia Scarafile 7.03.94 with the first in the role of favorite since in 2021 he had already run the distance under 7 minutes. Both girls have already achieved the minimum for the European championships set at 7.05.00.

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