Thierry Omeyer, general manager of PSG: "We will always have ambition"

In the wake of the announcement of the extension of the contract of Luc Steins, now linked to PSG until 2026, Thierry Omeyer took stock this Thursday afternoon over a coffee, on the past season and that to come . The general manager of PSG wanted to highlight the unprecedented performance of his team, undefeated over the 30 days of Liqui Moly Starligue.

“It hasn’t been highlighted enough. Being French champion again, for the ninth time, the eighth in a row, should not be trivialized in an increasingly competitive Championship. It shows the involvement of the coach, the players, who were able to reward themselves with a Coupe de France, at the end of an interminable season. »

He would have appreciated that Raul Gonzalez is at least in the list of nominees for the title of coach of the season (returned to Danijel Andjelovic, from Toulouse). We can’t blame him. However, Luc Steins was named best center half and MVP and Kamil Syprzak best pivot.

“Obviously, it’s a disappointment for the club, the players, the staff too, it’s played on a goal in the last seconds”

Thierry Omeyer on eliminations in the Champions League

There remains the failure in the quarter-finals of the Champions League (against Kiel), the trophy after which PSG is still running. “Obviously, it’s a disappointment for the club, the players, the staff too, it’s played on a goal in the last seconds” recalls Omeyer. The former goalkeeper wants to retain the positive aspect: “We have been in the European top 5 for eight years, this continuity of performance is to be highlighted. Seven, eight teams can claim to qualify for the Final Four. Afterwards, we know that on a Final Four, anything can happen. » A continental meeting to which PSG will claim again next season. This despite a shovelful of departures (Hansen, Gérard, Genty, Remili, Kounkoud), the “arrivals” column containing names that may seem less flashy (Gibelin, Palicka, Green, Balaguer).

“We will continue to have a large budget which allows us to measure ourselves against the best teams in the Championship”

Blame it on a lower budget? “We will continue to have a large budget which allows us to measure ourselves against the best teams in the French Championship but in terms of taxation we cannot fight against Polish and Hungarian clubs, but it is not only inherent in the hand” raises Omeyer. Who promises: “We will always have the ambition to play for the national titles and to qualify for the Final Four. There will still be continuity because in all positions, apart from goalkeepers (Palicka and Green succeed Gérard and Genty), the players are already there, the game in place. »

What about Dominik Mathé, supposed to replace Nedim Remili leaving for Kielce? The right-back (injured in the left knee) should not return to the pitch before the start of 2023. “We saw it in Elverum (when PSG traveled to Norway for the knockout stages of the Champions League) a month after his operation, he was able to see our medical staff. He will continue his rehabilitation in Paris from the start of his contract on July 4. But I can’t tell you today when it will resume. »

Recruitment complete

The general manager does not deny the idea of ​​recruiting a player while waiting for his return: “We surveyed the market. We do not forbid it but it will be complicated, there are good right-backs but they are all under contract. » He recalls that Kristopans has fully taken its place, especially offensively this season. On the recruitment side, it is therefore complete: “We have sixteen pro players for 2022-2023. »

2023 is also the end of the contracts of coach Raul Gonzalez, Elohim Prandi, Nikola Karabatic. “These are subjects on which we will reflect. We won’t wait for February-March, the players also need visibility.” ensures the general manager. So confident in anticipation of the resumption of training, July 26, for a new season which will see the return of Sélestat in the elite, after five of absence.

Particular return for Thierry since Christian, his twin brother, is chairman of the management board of the Alsatian club. “I’m very happy for him, he’s been at the club for 28 years. There, he has a lot of work to do, but they are good worries. It’s a trip I’d be happy to do and Christian won’t need to rent a hotel room when he comes to Paris.” slips Thierry Omeyer with a smile.

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