The mayor of Scarperia replies to Ezpeleta: "Not very public among us? Words that are not very elegant"

The mayor of the municipality hosting the Mugello GP replies to the Dorna CEO who feared to take away a GP from Italy after the flop of presences in Tuscany: “Rossi’s absence weighed, but there was the impossibility to sell tickets for the pandemic. And other races have little public, such as Qatar and Malaysia ”

The mayor of Scarperia Federico Ignesti, who leads the Mugello town that hosts the Italian GP, ​​replies to Carmelo Ezpeleta. The CEO of Dorna, the company that organizes the World Championship, in recent days has feared the possibility that Italy could lose a GP due to a lack of public. Igresti is not there: “Words that I did not like, they were also not very elegant – he said – I understand the difficulty and bitterness because objectively the last Italian GP did not meet the public success of the pre Covid times , but it seems to me that we have gone further “

things not true

According to Ignesti, it is normal that this year there was a decrease in the public compared to the previous years in which the race took place at Mugello since “Valentino Rossi abandoned and until April it was not known whether the sporting events were also open to the public. therefore they could neither promote nor think about the sale of tickets, the capacity of the stands of the racetrack was not known and which sectors were accessible to the people. sponsors than for the public, and perhaps the limits that have emerged of the racetrack. Another issue that has caused discussion is the price of tickets: “The prices are the same as those of Misano, indeed in many sectors it is five euros in less. I reply to all this, because Ezpeleta has already made such accusations twice and I don’t like people saying things that aren’t true. ”

glass shield

One accusation more than the others among those advanced by Ezpeleta at the Mugello racetrack, however, wounded the mayor Ignesti. “He said that the Italian GPs could not be done anymore given the absence of the public. If this is the motivation then the GPs should never be done in Qatar and Malaysia. Also in Jerez, Barcelona and Portimao it is not that there were so many spectators more than there were at Mugello. The only GP where there was a high number of spectators was Le Mans. Furthermore there is something that also concerns the product because in my opinion very little is communicated at the world championship level. If you exclude the channels that have the rights, you never know what will happen. If Formula 1 has changed management three times in five years because it has realized that it is no longer enough to do only Formula 1 and so the race to bring people to some places, just think about the world of motorcycles. Dorna is the person who organizes and has a contract with the racetrack, perhaps it is the racetrack that should say that if it has little public is because the product is not very good no, or maybe it has remained a little too much the same over the years and has had a “glass shield” for a long time in Valentino Rossi. It is not wrong to change things because if the world changes, it must be renewed “.

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