Stories, champions, rules: here is "Passione Padel" on newsstands with the Gazzetta

June 20 as a gift with La Gazzetta dello Sport, a book that tells the sport of the moment: the shots, the tournaments, the great champions, the VIPs on the pitch

Now everyone plays padel, but do you know how it was born? Good neighborly rules. Mr. Enrique Corcuera, a billionaire, built the first camp so as not to bother a grumpy neighbor. All in Acapulco, Mexico, between a swim in the pool and a dinner with friends. This is how padel was born, then it was exported to Spain and Argentina, where it became the second national sport after football. In Italy the boom has been such for a couple of years, so much so that in May, in Rome, the first Italian edition of the Premier Padel Tour took place, four Major tournaments supported by the Professional Players Association and the Qatar Sports Investments of Al Khelaifi. A success with the public: at the final, won by the number one of the circuit Juan Lebron and Ale Galan, there were about seven thousand people.

The book

We have decided to tell this fast-growing sport through a 32-page book that will be released as a gift with the Gazzetta dello Sport on June 20 throughout Italy. It is called “Passione Padel” and tells everything there is to know. It starts from the origins, with Mr. Corcuera and his wife, author of the first official rules, and reaches the champions of today. Fernando Belasteguin, Martin Di Nenno, Paquito Navarro, Federico Chingotto, Juan Lebron, Alejandro Galan, Juan Tello, all padel totems for several years. Belasteguin, for example, is a kind of Messi of this sport. Argentine, a past in football, despite the age of 43 he still plays with the passion of a twenty year old. He has been number one in the world for 16 years. Stories of life, of trophies, of men, but above all of champions. There will also be a chapter dedicated to the official rules: the courts, the types of rackets, the best shots, the secrets to make a good impression at an amateur level.


Padel and football, a winning combination. We are talking about a sport that mainly involved former footballers: from Vieri to Cassano, from Albertini to Zambrotta, passing through Fiore, Di Canio and Francesco Totti, who can even boast an indoor pitch. In the book, therefore, a chapter is dedicated to the combination of padel and ball, without counting all the tournaments present so far: from the World Padel Tour and the Premier Padel to successful amateur events such as the Cupra Padel Tour, to stay up to date on the sport of the moment. After all, the numbers speak for themselves: ten years there were, yes and no, 500 fields all over Italy, now there are almost six thousand. In Rome alone there are 763 playgrounds, including Red Padel and Joy Padel, two of the largest centers in Italy with 15 fields. The first is the Country Sport Village of Milan with 18. Rome is the best-equipped city in terms of facilities. Just take a walk along the Tiber and notice the string of sports centers with at least 3-4 fields each. Many structures have dismantled the soccer fields to replace them with padel ones, easier to fill and more profitable. No longer a trend, but a reality.

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