Pyrenees 2030 and the impossible

ANDIt is difficult to know who first expressed the sentence that before a crisis either failure it is better to search solutions what to look for guilty. The Spanish Pyrenean bid for the 2030 Winter Games has been in crisis for a long time and is doomed to failure and the truth is that both endeavors, the search for culprits and the search for solutions, are complicated. The first, because there too many. The second, because there are very few.

Who is to blame for the failure of the candidacy? I don’t think that in that group is the Spanish Olympic Committee Except, perhaps, in the sense of promoting a large-scale plan in an environment in which the other actors, the politicians, seem to carry out a general task that is based on the opposite of what is needed in the search for confrontation, with which yields are obtained from an atmosphere of tension and confrontation. And the Olympic world is precisely the opposite, both on a philosophical level and on a technical and practical level, because the demands and scope of an Olympic organization require unite wills.

Mixing the Olympic concept and the current concept of Spanish politics is mixing oil and water. The long term and the short term. The need for collaboration and the calculation of what can be achieved by opposing to something or someone. The COE has sinned by wanting to try, nothing more.

Let’s go to the guilty section: Has it been Catalonia? Was it Aragon? Has it been the government? They all killed her and she alone died? It is secondary: if those who have put sticks in the wheels had understood that they obtained more political gain presenting a realization than opposing itprobably the result would have been different, but the fact is that the real viability of the candidacy has not even been considered: the IOC has not been able to carry out the technical inspection what has been done to the other candidates. The image that such a circumstance leaves in the Olympic Senate –whether to weigh in other candidacies that they come from the same place, that each one values ​​it- it is easy to deduce.

In Spanish politics, more profit is made by opposing something or someone than presenting an achievement”

It is, on the other hand, doubtful that the proclamations of one and the other about the merits and rights of their territories reach their ears or even that interest them. But these campaigns reach the voters of those who make them who understand that it is precisely what they want to hear. In the same way that sometimes sin is penance, in this case guilt is the solution: overcome the atmosphere of tension. Now is it possible? It is not something we have to deal with here.

In these circumstances the technical aspects are secondary: There is a history of delocalized Games, but surely not to the level that has been proposed now. Certainly the ‘white elephants’, the newly minted Olympic venues and underutilized after the Games, are one of the burdens of the popular image of the same, but it should also be valued if the proposal to carry all the ‘expensive’ modalities (jump slides, sliding tunnels…) to the French, Italian or Dinaric Alps – it was still convenient to at least assess some exploitation plan – does not suggest any hint of improvisation but that, unfortunately, is already a second level: to enter this debate should have reached him.

Finally, do you have to be angry? Well, back in 1835 a gentleman named Mariano José de Larra, writing about certain things in Spain, said why criticize only because some things that were known could not be prevented. As in almost 200 years it does not seem that in some points we have advanced more things let’s say the same as Don Mariano…

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