Palermo-City, agreement in the pipeline for the transfer of the club to the Mansour holding

The last steps for the closing are missing, then the management cadres will be defined: Baldini has made it known that he will not go ahead without the director Castagnini, but it remains to be seen whether the new ownership intends to continue with the current management

The road has now been traced and yesterday’s meeting is further confirmation of this. The negotiation for the sale of Palermo to the City Football Group travels fast. The confrontation that took place in a hotel in Milan between the president Dario Mirri and Giovanni Gardini, the delegate of the holding of Sheikh Mansour, followed those that took place the day after the promotion to Serie B with other City emissaries who arrived in Palermo and was served to outline further details of the operation. The agreement is in the pipeline, there would also be an “X” day and the date could be approximately 1 July. Because there is still a bureaucratic process to follow and this is the reason why other meetings are scheduled, one already next week. The letter of intent is there, the last steps for the closing are missing. In the meantime, operational aspects will also be addressed for the approach to the new season, such as the definition of the budget. Because, from what filters, the Palermo branded City (in which Mirri will keep a minority share and a role) could start his adventure with a transition season and then prepare the big leap in Serie A from the following year.

The staff

The next few days, therefore, promise to be hot, also to fix the managerial and technical staff. Mirri, after the promotion, confirmed Baldini for the next championship, also by virtue of an automatic renewal provided for in the contract, the technician made it clear that he will not go on without the ds Castagnini, who on Monday had a confrontation with Luciano Zavagno, former player of Pisa and Turin and figure of reference for the technical area of ​​the City, immediately after the final won with Padova. The outcome was positive, but it remains to be seen whether the new owner intends to continue with the current management to give continuity to this season’s work. The most probable hypothesis is that Manchester will decide on new managerial profiles, Gardini is already indicated as the new general manager, Zamuner could be the hot name as ds, but he is not the only one. A perspective that would call into question not only the current roles behind the desks, but also that of the coach, in light of Baldini’s strong stance in favor of current managers. In this respect, the situation is still developing and the next meetings will serve to clarify.

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