Lukaku, a leader who allows various types of play: that's why he is perfect for Inzaghi

The Inter coach is one of the major supporters of a possible return of Big Rom, both for the character and for the technical characteristics, which would give him numerous options in different situations

The history of football is made up of indissoluble relationships between certain coaches and their reference players. There are those who carry them with them, as a matter of esteem and often also of loyalty, placing their purchases among the most important guarantees – like, of course, the engagement – when signing a contract. At Inter, in this period, a strange thing is happening – or maybe not and then we will understand why – about the now imminent return of Lukaku. The apparently strange thing is that his main sponsor, the man who wants him at all costs, is a technician who only met him for a few days: Simone Inzaghi.

Inzaghi’s will

Yes, because the Nerazzurri driver almost didn’t have time to meet him: he directed him in training for very few sessions, he heard himself repeated at that time “to be calm, because it’s not true that I’m going away”, then – unexpectedly – he he had to deal with the phrase he never wanted to hear. “Mister, I’m sorry, you’re the first to know. But I’m going to Chelsea.” Simone Inzaghi only apparently remained impassive: he hugged him, wished him a lot, but for three days he had the same bad thoughts as the fans. We said, however, that it is not strange – on the contrary – his desire to coach him for a whole championship: because, despite such a short direct acquaintance, Simone Inzaghi knows well that Lukaku – regardless of those who may be his team mates – is a footballer special. He is the only one to deserve a place in the post-triumph quotes. In fact, it has been said that the Nerazzurri was the title of the club, of Marotta, of course of Conte, but also of Lukaku. A widely recognized role – in the hierarchies of a success – in which there is all its greatness, its importance; and this is what simply explains why Inzaghi is spending a lot, insisting on a return to the Nerazzurri.

The importance of Romelu

Lukaku is, it would be, rightly fundamental – according to Inzaghi – for two parallel reasons: one psychological and the other technical. The first is easy to explain: the Belgian is a leader – as Ibra was for Milan – capable of increasing individual and collective self-esteem. He is the man to gather around, even figuratively. Exactly – going on the practical side – as happens on the pitch. Lukaku is an ideal footballer, perhaps and above all in Italian football, which will not be the most spectacular, the most competitive, but tactically he is among the most advanced. And Lukaku allows you to do the two phases – aggression from the rival trocar or more coverage to start on the break – with the same effectiveness. He is a danger to the opponents if he arrives in or on the edge of the area, because he can resolve personally or distribute to the right or left for insertions; he is a danger if he receives the ball in his own half, because he knows how to use his body to lean on the defender and then start like a sling. The only defect of him is perhaps in the first check, but here in Italy times and spaces are greater and it goes almost unnoticed. In short, Inzaghi knows well that with Lukaku he gains a great striker and two ways of playing football, to play more games within the 90 minutes. The only thing, but in some decisive moments, that Inter missed this year.

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