Handball: Steins loyal to PSG

PSG Handball announced on Thursday the extension of the contract of its center half Luc Steins, elected MVP of Starligue, until 2026.

Wave of extensions on the PSG Handball side! The day after the announcement of the extension of Kamil Syprzak’s contract until June 2025, it was Luc Steins who signed a new lease on Thursday, until 2026. The 27-year-old Dutch center half has just to be elected MVP of Starligue, at the end of a perfect season for the Parisian club, which won all 30 games. The Voerendaal native scored 80 goals in 28 games in this historic 2021-22 season. Arrived in the capital in November 2020 from Toulouse as a medical joker for Nikola Karabatic, Steins scored 233 goals in 78 games in the Parisian jersey, in all competitions. “ I am very happy to extend this beautiful story with Paris Saint-Germain. The season which has just ended has been rich in emotions, with in particular this incredible record of 30 victories in 30 matches in the league and the coronation in the Coupe de France. With my teammates and the staff, we will now turn to the next exercise. I am very honored by the confidence granted by the Club. I can’t wait to give him back by being as efficient as possible on the pitch and by going to win many trophies with the team, ”reacted the player.

White: “His progress is exceptional”

“Extending one of the best current players is a strong message, reacted Jean-Claude Blanc, the Deputy General Manager of PSG. Luc is unanimously recognized as a world-class playmaker. Since joining our club, his progress has been nothing short of exceptional. He has become, over the seasons, an essential part of our team and many clubs would like to have him in their ranks. We are very proud to be able to count on his talent and determination for the years to come. “If the PSG workforce will be upset during this off-season, with the departure of Vincent Gérard, Nedim Remili or Mikkel Hansen, the Parisian club still manages to retain part of its hard core, with the Karabatic brothers, Toft Hansen, Syprzak and Steins, pending the arrival of Andreas Palicka and Jannik Green in goal, David Balaguer and Dominik Mathé. With the objective next season of retaining the title of champion of France and finally going to win the first Champions League for the club.

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