Gnonto: "I'd like to go back to Inter, I didn't leave for the money"

The striker born in 2003, the new hope of Italian football, talked about his beginnings and his dreams for the future

Wilfried Gnonto is the man of the moment in Italian football: 19 years to go, he was thrown into the fray in these Nations League matches by the Italian coach Roberto Mancini and, with the goal scored against Germany, he became the youngest scorer of the history of the national team. In an interview granted to Corriere della Sera the 2003-born striker talked about his beginnings and his dreams for the future.

The pride of his parents for his debut in the national team makes it clear that his path, even if still short, has already been significant. Is that so?

In these days I have realized so many dreams that I had when I started playing. And I owe it to the many sacrifices made, especially by my parents. What they did for me was incredible“.

Many times there was no money to go to Milan for training: my mother worked in a hotel in Baveno and hoped for tips to pay for gasoline. As a child I couldn’t realize, but now that I’m 18 these things cause me a strange feeling“.

How is the relationship with money now?

I am happy, because I see that my family is living as well as they deserve. Many have said that I left Inter for Zurich precisely for the money, but that’s not the case: it was the right thing to do to play in the first team.“.

Do you feel more mature than the players of your age?

In some respects, yes: playing abroad I am having different experiences“.

Having a chance to prove my worth in the first team. Zurich took a risk on me, I was lucky to meet them. And also to have my parents with me“.

What are his best qualities, which he must work on for the future?

I have a fairly quick sprint, good technique, good dribbling“.

Gratitude: They gave me my first big break and they taught me almost everything. This made a difference for me“.

Dad says his dream is to return to the Nerazzurri. Confirm this too?

I don’t know, I can say that I am an Inter fan and I would like to return one day. I have a lot of time ahead of me, we’ll see calmly“.

Does the transfer market intrigue you?

I have dreams like everyone else. But I stay away from it, because many things are not true or in any case I cannot control them“.

(The complete interview in today’s edition of Corriere della Sera)

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