Ferrari: Purosangue in September, 15 models are also on the way, including electric ones

On the Capital Market Day the future of Ferrari: the Suv V12 Purosangue will arrive in September. By 2026, 15 new models will be released, 60% of which will adopt hybrid and electric engines

A family made up of people who like challenges, which are seen as opportunities: it is basically the opening thought of Capital Market Day 2022 expressed by president John Elkann first and by CEO Benedetto Vigna shortly after. The new challenge of the Cavallino is called electrification, which rhymes with revolution especially for a brand close to launching its first SUV, equipped with a naturally aspirated V12 closely linked to its motoring tradition. “It will not be our top of the range, but an important addition to our offer” – was the concept reaffirmed by both CEO Vigna and vice president of sales and marketing Enrico Galliera. A range remodeled according to the principle: Different Ferrari for Different Ferraristi. No further details were disclosed, net of the presentation of the Purosangue SUV scheduled for September.

15 models by 2026

Galliera stressed that the aggressive strategy announced in 2018, which envisaged the launch of 15 new models by 2022, was respected despite the pandemic and the complicated international context. Now Ferrari intends to do better with a further 15 unpublished models planned between 2023 and 2026. Faithful to the philosophy of its founder, “the engine is the soul of a car”, Ferrari will continue to design, develop and handcraft its engines. in Maranello, together with other fundamental components to differentiate the technology and performance of their cars. By 2026 Ferrari is aiming for a well-diversified product range, made up, in terms of number of models, for 60% of hybrids and electric ones and 40% of thermal power only (Ice), each of which is able to offer distinctive driving emotions, but always unmistakably Ferrari. By 2030, the target is an offer consisting of 20% vehicles Ice, 40% from hybrids and 40% from electric. The Icona and Supercar models will make up, on average, less than 5% of the total volumes in the plan period, the special series around 10%. The Purosangue’s average annual delivery contribution will remain below 20% over its life cycle. The spotlight will inevitably be on the first electric Ferrari, which will inaugurate a new segment by positioning itself at the top of a line-up that includes production cars, special series, Icona and Supercars, which will include the first 100% electric Cavallino from 2025. .

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