Earthquake coming?

Dissatisfied with his development at ASVEL, Victor Wembanyama could activate his exit clause and leave ASVEL this summer. The French interior expected as the first choice of the next NBA draft could land at Paris Basket.

Earthquake coming in Betclic Elite? While there are still two years of contract for Victor Wembanyama (18 years old, 2.19 m) at ASVEL, the little nugget of French basketball could leave the Rhône this summer. The interior expected as the first choice of the next NBA draft has in his contract an exit clause which allows him to pack his bags at the end of the season. And according to our colleagues from The Team as well as one of the best-informed French insiders Dylan De Abreu, Wembanyama, unhappy with his development under the Villeurbannaise colors since his arrival, would intend to activate this clause. A decision that would have everything from a small earthquake knowing that it seemed written that the former player of Nanterre would only see ASVEL before flying to the United States. But it is increasingly looming today that the huge 18-year-old center of almost 2.20m will have to find another club before making his NBA debut. The native of Chesnay, admittedly hampered by several injuries, would not have tasted the fate reserved for him for his first year in Betclic Elite, where he shot this season at an average of 18 minutes of play per game (9, 4 points and 5.1 rebounds) with an even leaner playing time in the Euroleague (17 minutes and 6.5 points and 3.8 rebounds) and visibly far from the expectations of the player himself and those around him.

Heading to the capital for Wembanyama?

After only one year at ASVEL, Wembanyama could therefore slam the door and join another French club, paradoxically very far from the prestige and level of the one whose colors he currently wears. To welcome the great French hope, which also appeals to other teams in our championship as well as to several foreign clubs, Paris Basket would indeed be at the top of the list. The prospect of playing in the Eurocup, of playing in the spotlight of the capital (next season, the PB will even play one of its matches at Roland-Garros) as well as the trust historically placed in Paris in young players from the However, the workforce would have convinced the giant, whose little brother Oscar also plays for ASVEL, to be tempted by the fifteenth of the season regularly only this season. Nothing is official yet but the successful coup by David Kahn and the Parisians would be gigantic if confirmed.

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