Dani Alves, goodbye in his own way: "They failed to fire me, a lion at 39 is always a lion"

. A farewell that is not surprising. In recent months, the negative signs had been quite clear in this sense. Like the words of the Brazilian …

Dani Alves will not continue to play for Barcelona. A farewell that is not surprising. In recent months, the negative signs had been quite clear in this sense. And it was Xavi Hernández himself who personally contacted the footballer to inform him of the decision and thanked him for the professionalism and attachment to the shirt shown in these six months by helping Barcelona to reach second place in the league, without winning.

The Brazilian winger has “formalized” the farewell as is now fashionable in football 2.0 through his Instagram profile. And, as always, it is very … sui generis even in the farewell words. “Now the time has come for our farewell. It has been more than 8 years dedicated to that club, those colors and that house, but like everything in life, the years go by, the roads diverge and the stories have long been written in different places. . And they did. They tried to fire me but they couldn’t, because you can’t really imagine how resilient and resilient I am. Many more years have passed. I am very grateful to football and to life, which they have decided to give me. the opportunity to come back here to say goodbye. ” Thus ends, a story made up of 408 games, 22 goals and 23 trophies. And with the feeling that Dani Alves could soon wear another jersey in a top championship.

Space also for thanks. Always in Dani Alves “style”. “But I can’t say goodbye without first thanking all those who are behind the spotlight, all those who make our work perfect. To all of them: THANK YOU. I also thank all the staff for the opportunity they gave me to return to this Club and to be able to wear that wonderful shirt again, you don’t know how happy I am. I hope that my daily madness and happiness are not missing. I hope everything goes well. And I hope that whoever stays can change the history of this great club, I sincerely wish. Together, 23 titles were won: 2 triplets, one sextete a great roll of honor. A very beautiful cycle closes and another even more challenging one opens. May the world never forget: a lion too if he is 39 he is always a lion “.

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