Car registrations in Europe 2023: -11% in May, the tenth consecutive month of decline

The negative phase of the European car market continues with 791,546 new registrations in May, 11.2% less than in the same month of 2022. All the main countries of the European Union are negative, among the manufacturers only Kia and Hyundai are doing well. , Toyota and Dacia

Andrea Tartaglia


– Milan

The car suffers from a lack of product, a consequence of underlying elements such as the crisis in components and strategic choices of institutions and manufacturers. A global problem if it is true that the main geographical areas, from Europe to the United States to China, show negative data when compared to a year ago, when the world woke up from the torpor of the pandemic and the issue of microchips – including the related shortage – was not an obstacle. The data released by Acea, the association that groups European manufacturers, speak of 791,546 new registrations in the EU area registered in May compared to 891,125 a year earlier, almost a hundred thousand fewer with a decrease of 11.2%. This is the tenth consecutive month of a decline that started last summer and which is still not going to end. The cumulative figure between January and May of this year is slightly worse with 3,721,774 new registrations compared to 4,313,839 in the same period of the previous year, almost six hundred thousand number plates are missing, with a decrease of 13.3%. Heavy data that does not improve even if we take into consideration the entire geographical Europe, including Great Britain, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, we arrive at 847.941 registrations in May and 4.067.661 in the first five months of 2023, with decreases of the 12.9% and 13.5%.


According to the data released by Acea, in May the minus sign characterized all the main markets of the old continent, with some rare exceptions in countries which, however, carry extremely low volumes. The German one, the first in Europe, registered 207,199 units (-10.2%), followed by France with 126,809 (-10.1%). Italy 121,299 (-15.1%) and Spain 84,977 (-10.9%). Heavy liabilities in Austria (-24% with 17,107 registrations), Portugal (-23.5% with 12,748 registrations) and Finland (-20.3% with 7,941 registrations). In contrast to Bulgaria (+ 35.2% with 2,690 registrations), Cyprus (+ 26.8% with 1,304 registrations) and Romania (+ 24% with 10,198 registrations).


On the car manufacturers front, in May 2023 the Volkswagen group registered 202,892 cars in the European Union (-19.6%), followed by Stellantis with 170,408 units, down by 14.6%. Then the Renault group with 76,358 registrations and a decline of 10.3%, the Hyundai group at 78,167, bucking the trend with a 9.8% growth, like the Toyota group which with 57,497 units grew by 5.1%. Bmw at 52,266 number plates is down by 14.4%, similarly the Daimler group which has 44,646 registered cars loses 6%. Ford recorded 34,128, leaving 3% on the field. Then Volvo, 14,955 registrations and -21.5%, Nissan with 14,258 plates grows by 7.7%, Mazda 6,945 -41.3%, Mitsubishi 4,799 (-10.5%). The Jaguar-Land Rover group closed with 4,574 registrations (-31.8%) and Honda 4,152, in positive territory of 15.4%.

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