At the Finals it's time for truth: the 3 things that will decide game-6

Tonight Golden State can win the title, Boston with his back to the wall must win to force Game-7

It is decisive. She may even be the last. Race-6 of the Finals between Boston and Golden State, tonight at 3 am Italian time, has the spotlight on him. The Warriors are ahead 3-2: if they win they are champions, back on the roof of the NBA after two seasons of ordeal. The Celtics are cornered: they can only play to win and bring the Finals back to San Francisco for Game-7. For the first time at the game there will also be the Larry O’Brien Trophy, the NBA champions’ trophy in its restored version. Race-6 is not to be missed: here are the 3 things that will decide it.

Coach Udoka repeated it often: it’s the attack, not the defense, that makes all the difference for the Celtics. “We defend well enough to win, but sometimes our attack becomes stagnant,” recalls the coach, with the usual wealth of technical details and quick talk. Boston has won the two games in which she scored more than 100 points and lost the three in which she remained below, giving Golden State practically the same points every time, between 100 and 108. The secret is the movement of the ball and it is not. a secret that the Celtics attack depends on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. JT, team top scorer with 23.2 points per game, showed up at the press conferences on the eve of the match, always holding a ball in his hands. He has already made the phenomenon with his back to the wall in these playoffs, the 46 points against Milwaukee, with Boston down 3-2, to force game-7 in the conference semifinals. In a series where he did not shine he will have to repeat the feat.

Golden State has a tradition: Klay Thompson always does wonders in race-6. “I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to have to live up to that name – he says -. I want to go out and play free, trust my teammates. As much as I would like to have a historic evening and win, it doesn’t matter what we do individually: it only counts to win another game ”. Golden State could discover Game 6 Steph, though: after the 0/9 from three that in Game-5 cost him the first game in his career in the playoffs with no triples on target, Curry has worked for a long time individually on the shot on the eve of the one he it could be the match of his fourth ring (and his first mvp of the Finals). “I don’t even think about taking Klay’s nickname-he says with a smile-. I want to go out on the pitch and help us win ”. So far the Celtics’ defensive strategy has been to let Curry vent and limit everyone else, but in Game-5 it was Steph who was limited and everyone else who made the difference. Thompson is also clearly growing in these Finals, also from a defensive point of view. What if Game 6 Klay is the hero who gives the Warriors the 2022 ring?

The mental aspect could be the decisive one: Golden State is one step away from the title, Boston is with its back to the wall. Holding up the pressure will be key, and the Warriors have the advantage of coach Kerr’s experience (“How did I win 8 rings? If you stay close to superstars …”) and their key men in this respect. So far the rookies of the group have not been affected, on the contrary: Andrew Wiggins is playing sensational Finals, Jordan Poole is on the rise, Gary Payton II defends like a lion. But this is Game 6 of the Finals: the prospect of the trophy could change everything. As for Boston: the Celtics have already faced elimination games in these playoffs, twice against Milwaukee and Game-7 in Miami in the conference final. However, they will have to bring out the best after two negative games, in which for the first time they seemed tired and without ideas, unable to get out of a difficult situation. They will have the pride of the city of Boston to support them, the thrust of that TD Garden that has been waiting for 14 years to see a new banner rise to the ceiling. Will it be enough to bring the series to race-7?

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