Angel Gomes tells his Mou: “I was very young and he scolded me in front of everyone.  I thought he hated me "

On 18 May 2017, Angel Gomes made his Premier League debut at 16 years and 263 days and Josè Mourinho launched him into the fray. Five years later, the Englishman remembers his period … very particular with the Special One …

On 18 May 2017, the dream of a boy who grew up in the Manchester United youth academy comes true. Angel Gomes makes his Premier League debut at 16 years and 263 days, replacing Wayne Rooney in a full Old Trafford match against Crystal Palace. The class of 2000 becomes the youngest player to take the field with the Red Devils shirt since the time of Duncan Edwards, the legendary United leader of Matt Busby, who died in the tragic plane crash in Munich. And it is not just anyone who throws him into the fray: the order to enter the field is given to him by Josè Mourinho.

Now Gomes plays for Lille, because United did not believe in him and let him go when Solskjaer was on the bench. But on the other hand, in a long interview with Sportbible, the midfielder can tell about his experience with the Special One. Which marked him, even if he may not have noticed it immediately. “Now that I’m more mature, I realize how important it was to me. But he made his debut and I can never thank him enough.” But being a Mou footballer isn’t always plain sailing. “Once he called me up for a cup game after I played for Primavera. We were at dinner and he was talking to everyone, at one point he looks at me and says ‘I’m fucking with you’. But he was kidding with everyone, so I thought it was a joke. I asked him why and he told me about my performance the day before, surely I had played badly, I did not agree, but if he thought it, it was so. He scolded me in front to the whole team, it had already happened to me, but not with Mourinho. I didn’t expect it. “

Enough to make Gomes think he got it all wrong. “When he finished screaming, he kept going around. I was paralyzed, some of the guys told me ‘don’t worry, ignore him, that’s it, he’s just trying to make you react.’ I was very young, so I was just thinking ‘f ***, he hates me’, I went back to my room, I called my father and I was about to burst into tears. But in the end I realized what kind he is. Mourinho always wants the best and was trying to make me understand that the first team was not a walk in the park, he wanted to treat me as he would have treated one of the others. But I only realized that a few years later. I was too young to do it, but now that I have grown up I would love to play for him again, he knows how to shoot the best from its players “. Even if that includes … unexpected reprimands.

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