Agostini: "Only the phone call from Queen Elizabeth is missing"

The Myth capable of winning 15 World Championships and 122 races today celebrates its 80th birthday: “The phone has been ringing since the morning and I want to answer everyone”. For Giacomo Agostini the family party, with only one prohibition: “No cake”

by the correspondent Paolo Ianieri

– Bergamo

Happy birthday Ago. Giacomo Agostini is 80 years old and everyone has been looking for him for days, including interviews on TV, radio, for newspapers but also just for a greeting and a wish. And he, fully coherent with his being, just can’t deny himself. “I’m tired, it’s from this morning at 7 that the phone doesn’t stop ringing, but I want to answer everyone, they’re so cute …”. While we hope to find a moment of respite for a very quick interview, as Luca Cordero di Montezemolo calls him, the last few days Lapo Elkann showed up, and then those of Api, his historical sponsor, enthusiasts, collectors. “Queen Elizabeth is missing, let’s hope you remember to call me” he laughs. And he replies to everyone, sometimes going crazy to write down a number that has been lost and, at the same time, giving instructions to Jack, his son, to complete work procedures.

agostini’s dream room

Because Agostini is like this, he never stops, not even on his birthday. Immediately after chatting with us he has to run to the construction site to resolve some issues, then in the afternoon a group of Finnish enthusiasts will arrive, to whom he will open the doors of his “Trophy Room”, as he calls the garage / museum that houses all his cups, photos, suits, helmets and, above all, motorcycles. The MV Agusta 500 of the first World Championship in 1966 is missing, “because it was sent to Finland, where I will go in a few days for a re-enactment”, for the rest Ago wanders around caressing motorcycles and memorabilia. “This is the place where I take refuge when I’m sad – he jokes about it -. I like to come here to rethink my story, in here I go back to dreaming “

no cake for 80 years

Only on one thing, in the midst of so much affection, was he adamant: “He forbade us to make him the cake for his 80th birthday” laughs, but seriously, Maria, his wife. She who chases him around the house handing him her phone, when whoever calls Ago’s number finds him busy. “Because she has been partying with others for two weeks, but then from being a good Gemini with her family she becomes a bear” she says with that Spanish accent that makes her even more fascinating. They are a great couple, the two of whom will be joined in the afternoon by Piergiacomo, the son who works with him, and Vittoria, who has moved to work in Spain for a while and is expected in Bergamo in the evening. And then, finally, after a thousand phone calls and interviews, the phone will be turned off and the Agostini family will be able to celebrate in peace what, not only for the 15 World Cups and 122 victories, but also for the way they face life and indulge their fans. , is probably the greatest rider in the history of motorcycling.

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