World Cup, Nicolai and Cottafava also landed in the second round

The two blue female pairs advance to the second round and tomorrow they will face each other for a place in the quarterfinals

The round of 32 of the World Beach Championships at the Foro Italico in Rome has started. The world championship gets underway and today, in the main draw, five Italian couples on the field.

Gottardi-Menegatti ahead

The first Italian couple to go down on the sand is Menegatti-Gottardi, qualified with the second place obtained in pool F, who without too many problems beat the Argentines Gallay-Pereyra, second classified in pool A. In the first set the Italians are always ahead, with the very foul Argentine couple in the service. At 20-15, with 5 set points available, Valentina Gottardi closes with an ace. Second set more closely fought, with the Italians initially ahead +4 (15-11) and an Argentine start thanks to a series of 3 consecutive points. Then the Italians are good at maintaining concentration and closing the match 21-17. “We managed to impose our game for almost the entire match, we only had a small drop in the central part of the second set, but we did well to cancel their comeback attempt”, commented Marta Menegatti. Valentina Gottardi also appears positive: “We can’t wait to take the field again to try to continue our world championship”.

Scampoli-Bianchin the dream

After passing yesterday’s play-offs, Scampoli-Bianchin manage to beat the dreaded Canadian couple Megan / Nicole, winners of all three matches in pool D. The Italian girls start with the turbo, going to unleash a power of fire without equal and, moving to a sidereal distance (16-6), lead the set to the end (21-12). In the second set the Canadian couple got off to a good start, beating the Italians 9-14, thanks also to a double ace. The Italians react, with heart and determination, but the gap is too wide and it is the Canadians who close the set 18-21. At the tie-break the two couples collide blow by blow, with Scampoli / Bianchin who stretch (13-9) and bring home the passage of the round 15-12. In light of this result there will be an all-Italian derby against Gottardi-Menegatti tomorrow. Claudia Scampoli: “Today we gave our all and we are clearly happy with the result. We had a somewhat difficult start in this world championship, but we are putting a lot of heart and determination into every race. We are improving game after game and we want to show that we are competitive in this very important event “. Margherita Bianchin: “We are satisfied with our performance today. Our opponents have been very good, they never gave up and made our life very hard.

Nicolai and Cottafava ok

The Nicolai / Cottafava couple goes on like a tank, completing the Diaz / Alayo practice in just over 35 minutes. The Italians, first classified in the K pool with three wins, proved to be in an amazing state of form. In the first set both couples traveled in pairs until 15-15. Then it is the Azzurri who take off and close at 21-18. In the second fraction Paolo and Samuele start very strong, immediately taking the distance (8-4). The Italian push continues unceasingly (15-9), also thanks to the involvement of the public present. It is then Nicolai who closes the match, still at 21-18. For both, at the end of the game, the audience’s “embrace” arrives and the Italian couple’s ready thanks. Tomorrow, at 21.00 they will clash against the Brazilian Renato / Vitor Felipe, winners at the tie-break against the Czechs Perusic / Schweiner.

Rossi-Carambula out

In the “blue night” the Carambula / Rossi couple – first classified in pool A – are defeated by the Chilean couple Grimalt M./Grimalt E., winners at yesterday’s play-off tie-break in the South American derby against the Argentines Capogrosso. In the first set it is the Chilean couple who always have the advantage. The blues do not give up and remain in the wake, until they grab a tie (17-17). It is then the South Americans, thanks to an ace, who take the lead, and then close at 17-21. In the second set the music does not change, with the Chileans always ahead in the score and the Italians who, despite Adrian Carambula’s left leg problems, vehemently try to even the score. In the end it is the Chileans who close 18-21.

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