Used motorcycle scams: apps for safe purchases

He buys his dream bike second-hand but breaks down after 75 km. From that experience, an 18-year-old created an app to safely sell and buy vehicles. And his idea was awarded by Confindustria Ancona

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Even from a misfortune a useful idea can be born. The subject of the crime is a Ktm Duke 390, the protagonist is an 18-year-old from the Marche region, named Alessio Ascione, resident in Sassoferrato (Ancona), who studied at the “Merloni-Miliani” Institute in Fabriano. In August 2021, the young man was wronged by another young man, a twenty-year-old resident of Ancona, who sold him the KTM with serious engine problems. As a result, the bike has driven a few kilometers, before finally stopping, probably due to little or no maintenance. But it was precisely here that Alessio’s idea was born: one startup that helps people to buy used vehicles in complete safety. Thought that allowed him to win a competition of the Confindustria of Ancona at the beginning of April.

the great idea gives a rip off

The purchase lasted only 75 km, then, as mentioned, the prize idea: “Immediately after I got my A2 motorcycle license and sold my fifty, a Beta RR Enduro 50 – says Alessio – I saw in a magazine the Ktm from this private. I loved it, so I made a deal with him and went to buy it. For the Ancona-Sassoferrato section (about 75 km, ed) all right, then the problems arose and I took the vehicle to the mechanic in Fabriano, where it has always remained. I managed to sell it for a discounted price to another private individual, but in all I lost almost 2,000 euros, while the one who cheated me has always denied everything “. And on the very day of the wrong he suffered, when the eighteen-year-old was returning to his home, he was inspired: “To create a European platform of advice and services on which to sell and buy used cars and motorbikes safely – he explains – which can be accessed from both the app and the web, through a partnership with the large second-hand e-commerce companies. A service that provides customers with all the assistance from an experienced team of mechanics, including shipping “.

beyond the limits of the sale between private individuals

A proposal that allowed him to win the Confindustria Ancona competition, with the contribution of the local Chamber of Commerce: “A guarantee on the sale of cars and motorcycles between private individuals exists (article 1490 of the Civil Code, ed), but there are clauses with too many limits that can be circumvented, so much so that those who scam do not often pay the consequences – says Alessio regretfully – Too many bureaucratic quibbles and papers to sign, so very often during these purchases we proceed more on trust. I talked to my lawyer, who advised me against taking action because it would have been more the economic loss than the gain, in addition to the long waiting times that it takes with justice ”. For the moment, his “is a simple idea, but in the future I would like to realize it in a startup, where customers have the necessary precautions and always remain with their eyes open”.

A young man and his dream

The competition of Confindustria Ancona, from the name Influencer of your life, aims to stimulate the young people of the region to launch entrepreneurial projects, which incorporate ideas of their choice with themes such as social responsibility, the environment, eco-sustainability, the territory and belonging to their own community: “In January those from Confindustria came to our school, and I said to myself “I’ll try” – adds the young man – To participate you had to send a video, introducing yourself and explaining the project. At the beginning of April they wrote to me via email telling me that I had won “. Alessio’s prize consists of an internship, to be carried out in August, in a company promoting the competition. The 18-year-old will do it at Sifa Technology Srl of Sassoferrato, a brand that produces materials for the filtration of air and liquids: “I will be able to know the world of work and understand which choices to apply or not to my project – he concludes – The hope, however, is to be able to develop my idea in the future not alone, but with the contribution of Confindustria “.

Warranty used between private individuals, what you need to know

For the sales of used goods between private individuals, it must be explained, the guarantee rules provided for in the Consumer Code (which instead regulate professional sales) do not apply, but those of the Civil Code, in particular articles 1490 and 1491. The first explains : ” The seller is required to ensure that the thing sold is free from defects (i.e. defects, ed) that make it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended or appreciably decrease its value “. The following article, dated 1491, instead reads as follows: “The guarantee for defects in the thing must be considered excluded if at the time of the contract the buyer knew, or even could easily with diligence know, the defects of the thing itself (recognizable defects) ”.

What article 1491 of the Civil Code adds

And furthermore “an adequate and diligent verification could be unnecessary – reads article 1491 – only in the event that the seller has expressly declared that the thing was free from defects”. Translated: since the problem with the engine is of an ‘occult’ type – i.e. not visible to the human eye, such as a scratch – and having the seller assured that the bike was in perfect condition, it was not necessary to verify the vehicle or above all. the guarantee, which Alessio was unable to assert to the breakdown of the bike. The 18-year-old was supposed to prove that the seller was aware of the defects, and that he had purposely kept quiet to close the sale.

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