Totti: "Dybala to Roma? Had it been up to him alone, he could have come. Zaniolo? I talked to him, but ..."

Present at the inauguration of Bruno Conti’s padel fields, the former captain of the Giallorossi spoke about the all-round market, as well as the moment that the Italian national team is experiencing. Finally, a thought also for Lorenzo Pellegrini

Francesco Totti goes back to talking about the transfer market: from Dybala (“I know how it went, if it only depended on him there would be hopes of seeing him in Rome”) to Zaniolo, passing through Pellegrini and the national team. Present in Nettuno, with De Rossi, at the inauguration of Bruno Conti’s padel courts, the historic captain of Rome is still exposing himself on the issues of the moment. Starting from Dybala’s future: “All the coaches would like him and Lukaku together, talent and physical strength, would be a top combination”. Dybala, however, according to Totti would also have been convenient for Roma: “I know how it went. Even now I feel it but I think it’s over. It doesn’t just depend on him. If it depended on him there would be good hope ”. From Paulo to Zaniolo, Totti on Nicolò says: “I already talked to him some time ago, I gave him some advice, but I don’t know if he understood it. If he were to stay in Rome, he must understand the importance of this shirt, especially to honor the fans who have done something different for the team this year. Then the choice will be up to him. To him and to the company if he wants to sell it. I would know what to do with Zaniolo “.


Totti speaks as a football man and as a Roma fan, not as a future manager: “The time is not ripe for my return? Not ripe is too strong a word. Everyone has his own way of working, he is very respectable. The club is doing it. a great job and is reaping the rewards. ” From Rome to the rest of the championship, other pills from Totti to Sky: “I didn’t think Pogba could come back, when you make choices and go to top teams you have many possibilities”. On Maldini and Milan: “I have always said that in football there must be players and former players who know about football. Putting him in a club where he was 30 years old is an advantage for Milan. Ibra? He will have to make the right choice also because I heard he had an operation again. He’s not 20 anymore, it’s up to him to choose whether to continue or not. If he has to play a game every 4, I’d think about it. ”


On the national team Totti says: “He has to grow a lot, to get important results you need to have experience and great players as well as the group. I’m sure that little by little a great Italy will return.” Pellegrini’s contribution could be fundamental: “Lorenzo – Totti’s investiture – could be the new 10 of Roma but knowing him I don’t think he wants to take it. He is fundamental, flexible, all teams would like him. If I would give it to him? I have nothing to do with this anymore, it’s the club that has to decide with the player. “

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