The first group of Algerian pilgrims arrives in the holy places in Saudi Arabia

This morning, Wednesday, the first flight of pilgrims heading to the Holy Bekaa departed from Houari Boumediene International Airport, which includes 57 pilgrims..The Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youssef Belmahdi, Minister of Transport, Abdallah Monji, Minister of Health, Abd al-Rahman bin Bouzid, as well as the Director General of the National Office of Hajj and Umrah, Ahmed Slimani, Director General of Civil Protection, Boualem Boughlaf, and the Kingdom’s ambassador were in the farewell of this group, in addition to a number of members of the National Hajj Mission Saudi Arabia in Algeria, Abdullah bin Nasser Abdullah Al-Basir, along with representatives of several sectors involved in organizing the Hajj process.In this regard, the Director-General of the National Office of Hajj and Umrah, Ahmed Soleimani, said on the sidelines of the launch of the trip that the members of the mission had previously gone to the holy sites to supervise the preparation of the operations of receiving and directing pilgrims. He stressed that all sectors worked to make the process a success in an atmosphere of coordination.He confirmed in a media statement to him that the members of the mission will accompany the pilgrims through all stations, so that the resumption of Hajj flights after two years of interruption due to the Corona pandemic will be successful..For his part, Minister of Religious Affairs, Youssef Belmahdi, recommended the pilgrims on the occasion of the first flight of pilgrims to the Holy Bekaa from Algiers International Airport, Houari Boumediene. To avoid controversy or fight during the performance of the rites of Hajj. Stressing the need to devote himself to worship and prayers away from everything that disturbs the peace of Hajj. Belmahdi stressed that the guardians supervised the guidance and training of the pilgrims, while he called on the pilgrims to get close to the guides and cooperate with them to make the Hajj season a success and facilitate the tasks.. As the minister said The pilgrims’ trips will continue until the 4th of next July, calling on the pilgrims To represent Algeria “the best representation” during their presence in the holy sites, noting the efforts made by the country’s higher authorities to overcome difficulties in front of the guests of the Merciful during this exceptional season due to the special conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic (Covid-19).. The Minister of the Sector indicated that Saudi Arabia has created all the conditions for the success of the ritual for this season. And theBelmahdi added that the interests of the sector are in line with all the conditions set by Saudi Arabia in anticipation of performing Hajj in light of the pandemic. Adding that the Algerians have completed all procedures to be the best ambassadors to represent their country. And theclearer Many people have been prevented from performing the Hajj pilgrimage because of Corona. The minister also added that the Umrah indicator this year gave us an encouraging motive that we will succeed in the Hajj season this year. For his part, Minister of Health Abderrahmane Benbouzid confirmed that all the necessary instructions and instructions were provided to the members of the medical committee in order to be present, interact and continuously attend with the pilgrims to ensure their escort in all stages of their journey to the holy sites until their return to the homeland. He stressed that the selection of members of the same committee corresponds to the specializations that are most in demand in such occasions. In turn, the Minister of Transport, Abdullah Mungi, assured the pilgrims involved in the first flight of this season that all measures and arrangements have been taken to accompany them and provide the best possible conditions for them, stressing in the same regard that no complacency in this regard will be accepted, whether by sector employees or officials. And on the same occasion, he said The Saudi ambassador said that the Saudi authorities pay great attention to caring for the guests of the Most Merciful, under the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, indicating that the health situation in the Kingdom is reassuring and all services are facilitated for the guests of the Most Merciful by the Kingdom, which is keen to provide and provide all This facilitates their affairs and affairs during the performance of the rituals. It is worth noting that Algeria’s share of Hajj this season was estimated at 18,697 pilgrims (60 percent of whom are men), and this share is equivalent to 45 percent of its share in recent years before it was reduced by the Saudi authorities, as for For the missions of the rest of the countries due to the special circumstances of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19). The Hajj flights in Algeria will be with a total of 65 flights, of which 56 are for Air Algerie and 9 for Saudi Airlines, 23 of which are from From Algiers airport, 17 from Oran airport, 18 from Constantine and 7 flights from Ouargla.

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