The 2022 World Cup calendar in Qatar: all the matches on the draw

It begins on November 21 with the hosts on the pitch against Ecuador. The final which will award the title on December 18th

With Australia and Costa Rica, celebrating for the detached pass, the picture of the 32 participating teams and the related groups of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which will take place at the end of the year, has been completed. Here, then, is the definitive schedule of all scheduled matches.

Group stage

November 21:

Qatar-Ecuador (group A, 11.00 am Italian time)

England-Iran (group B, 2.00 pm)

Senegal-Netherlands (group A, 5 pm)

United States-Wales (group B, 8 pm)

Denmark-Tunisia (group D, 11 am)

France-Australia (group D, 2 pm)

Mexico-Poland (group C, 5pm)

Argentina-Saudi Arabia (group C, 8 pm)

Morocco-Croatia (group F, 11 am)

Belgium-Canada (group F, 2 pm)

Germany-Japan (Group E, 5pm)

Spain-Costa Rica (group E, 8 pm)

Uruguay-South Korea (group H, 11 am)

Portugal-Ghana (group H, 2.00 pm)

Switzerland-Cameroon (group G, 5pm)

Brazil-Serbia (group G, 8 pm)

Netherlands-Ecuador (group A, 11 am)

Qatar-Senegal (group A, 2.00 pm)

Wales-Iran (group B, 5 pm)

England-United States (group B, 8 pm)

Poland-Saudi Arabia (group C, 11 am)

Argentina-Mexico (group C, 2.00 pm)

Tunisia-Australia (group D, 5 pm)

France-Denmark (group D, 8 pm)

Japan-Costa Rica (group E, 11 am)

Spain-Germany (group E, 2.00 pm)

Croatia-Canada (group F, 5pm)

Belgium-Morocco (group F, 8 pm)

Cameroon-Serbia (group G, 11 am)

Brazil-Switzerland (group G, 2.00 pm)

South Korea-Ghana (group H, 5 pm)

Portugal-Uruguay (group H, 8 pm)

Wales-England (Group B, 4 pm)

Iran-United States (Group B, 4 pm)

Netherlands-Qatar (group A, 8 pm)

Ecuador-Senegal (group A, 8 pm)

Tunisia-France (group D, 16.00)

Australia-Denmark (group D, 4 pm)

Poland-Argentina (group C, 8 pm)

Saudi Arabia-Mexico (group C, 8 pm)

Croatia-Belgium (group F, 16.00)

Canada-Morocco (group F, 4 pm)

Japan-Spain (group E, 8 pm)

Costa Rica-Germany (group E, 8 pm)

South Korea-Portugal (group H, 4 pm)

Ghana-Uruguay (group H, 4 pm)

Cameroon-Brazil (group G, 8 pm)

Serbia-Switzerland (group G, 8 pm)

Round of 16

December 3

First eighth – First group A-Second group B (4 pm)

Second eighth – First group C-Second group D (8 pm)

Third eighth – First group D-Second group C (4 pm)

Fourth eighth – First group B-Second group A (8 pm)
December 5th:

Fifth eighth – First group E-Second group F (4 pm)

Sixth eighth – First group G-Second group H (8 pm)

Seventh eighth – First group F-Second group E (4 pm)

Eighth eighth – First group H-Second group G (8 pm)

Quarter finals

December 9:

First quarter – Winner of match 5-Winner of match 6 (4 pm)

Second quarter – Winner match 1-Winner match 2 (8 pm)

Third quarter – Winner game 7-Winner game 8 (4 pm)

Fourth quarter – Winner of match 3-Winner of match 4 (8 pm)


December 13:

Second quarter winner-First quarter winner (8 pm)

Winner fourth quarter-Winner third quarter (8 pm)


17 December: 3rd-4th place (4 pm)
18 December: 1st-2nd place (4 pm)

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