Ricardo Barkala: "Pochettino is one of the coaches we have spoken with"

Ricardo Barkala, candidate for the presidency of Athletic in the elections that will be held on the 24th, he has been the first of the three candidates to go through Daily. The current president of the Port Authority of Bilbao has analyzed the current status of the group of Saint Mams and tell sports radio listeners of his aspirations for the Lions team.

Presidency. “We are very excited. We understand that football is now at a time, at a crossroads with rapid movements because it is changing. And we understand that with our experience and our vision and the team we were forming we can contribute and add to leave Athletic in home, a better Athletic. For me it would be the culmination of a professional career, Athletic is something different”.

Personality. “I am a person who does not get nervous when the storm comes and I am enthusiastic about Athletic”.

Athletic. “In Vizcaya everyone is from Athletic, since you were born. It’s a tradition”.

The barge. “As president of the Port of Bilbao, I am in charge of authorizing the departure of La Gabarra”.

Trainers.“We have spoken with several coaches, but not just any coach. They have to meet a series of requirements. They are coaches of international prestige, who love academy football, grassroots football. They have to love Athletic and they have to want to come to Athletic We have spoken with half a dozen coaches who meet these requirements, coaches that none of them disgust Athletic Any coach at a certain point in his professional career may want to come to Athletic and, indeed, Mauricio Pochettino is one of them “.

The dates of the elections, with the expiration of his contract, have made it impossible to guarantee the continuity of Marcelino

Marcelino. “He has done very well. He is a great coach. But the circumstances and the dates of the elections, with the expiration of his contract, have made it impossible to guarantee his continuity because we are candidates. I was doing a great job at Athletic”.

Basque players. “We would like to sign all the best. It is our philosophy, but not all of them are going to be possible and not all of them are going to want to come. But there are a dozen top-level players who fit our philosophy and I would like them to be, because I I would like the best Basque players to be at Athletic”.

Candidacy. “Ramn Planes is a reality, he has stated that he is coming with us. He is a crack”.

Theban style. “Pass word”.

The Selection in San Mams. “It’s one more field.”

CVC. “It’s an investment fund. Back in the day, Athletic said it wasn’t interested in the offer it was making and I think the same: the way it is, that fund isn’t good for what we want”.

Audios of Rubiales. “These things obscure football and make it less transparent, they stain the image of football a little bit. We all have to make an effort to convey a more beautiful, more sporting and healthier image of football than those kinds of issues that disgust me.”

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