Pogba at PSG, the truth comes out

Long announced in the sights of Paris Saint-Germain, Paul Pogba will finally commit to Juventus. It is the French club which has decided not to go further on this file.

The TV series Paul Pogba is about to come to an end. On Tuesday, many media announced an agreement between the French world champion and the Juventuswith a four-year contract that would seal the return of “La Pioche” to Turin, where he left in 2016. ‘Paul Pogba hasn’t signed his contract at Juventus yet, but he’s about to’however, said journalist Saber Desfarges, via Twitter.

This departure of Pogba to Juventus could be a blow for Sabri, this insider from Argenteuil, who after having gained credibility by announcing against all odds the extension of Kylian Mbappé, displayed these certainties for several weeks on joint arrivals of Pogba, Ousmane Dembélé and especially Zinedine Zidane at Paris Saint Germain.

Tuesday evening, Sabri mentioned the Pogba file, and maintains his information. ” LPogba’s transfer to Paris was completed, the player had an agreement with Nasser (Al-Khelaifi) and the club, and he absolutely wanted to come to PSG, assures the Parisian supporter. Except that (Luis) Campos blocked everything and convinced Nasser this week not to sign him. »

Pogba planted by PSG?

Sabri, who always remains confident on his other subjects (“For Dembélé and Zidane, that should not change”), specifies that it was PSG who told Pogba that he could sign for Juventus, because the club had taken another decision, via Luis Campos, the new sports adviser to the French champions, who would therefore have convinced Nasser Al-Khelaifi to backtrack on the Manchester United midfielder.

So, snub or not for Sabri? On the Pogba file, Saber Desfarges is keen to defend him, ensuring that he had ” absolutely right “. “Congratulations to you for your information, as for the form it is your heart of supporter who speaks”, launched the journalist to Sabri. In other words, Sabri is quite knowledgeable, but he just lacks the necessary caution one needs to adopt when it comes to the transfer window. Or last minute surprises are never to be excluded.

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