MotoGP, Ducati and the World Championship.  Ciabatti: "He's not lost yet. Race Direction, something needs to be changed"

Danilo guest of the week: “I’d like to go back to the Dakar and I’m trying to convince Dall’Igna that the Ducati engine … In America there is little motorcycling culture, there is a show but you race on tracks where safety is withdrawn. Quartararo?

He goes back and forth between the United States and Italy (“Because I admit it, I’m homesick”) in this is his new adventure in Motoamerica, the stars and stripes Superbike championship that after the first 4 stages (8 races) sees him in command with 140 points on his Ducati Panigale V4, with 7 points on Mathew Scholtz’s Yamaha. Danilo Petrucci is the guest of Paolo Ianieri and Zoran Filicic in this episode of MotoG-Podcast, where the former Ducati MotoGP official from Terni talks about these last daring and adventurous months that have seen him face the Dakar and then the star championship since the World Championship and strips. “Since the end of the MotoGP I have had two weeks of respite, because then at the tests in Dubai I broke my fibula, which I broke in exactly the same spot three weeks ago, as well as a thousand other injuries. Let’s say that if while I was racing in the World Championship I was below average in terms of injuries, lately I have recovered – laughs Petrux -. But the worst thing is the burns and abrasions that I have on my thigh after the fall in Virginia, I am always sitting there all wrong ”.

I didn’t enjoy myself anymore

Petrux’s life has changed a lot in recent months, leaving a MotoGP where he no longer enjoyed himself. “In 2021 I was struggling to stay in the paddock because I could no longer repeat what I used to do and it was all very heavy. For sure I closed the most important door of my career, I arrived in MotoGP with the dream of becoming world champion, then I realized that I could no longer fight to stay in the top 5, not so much mentally, as physically. I started to suffer more and more, while now I want to have fun ”.

I would like to go back to the dakar

The Dakar opened a new path for him. “I confess that I think about it every day now. I haven’t planned anything yet, but many are asking me to come back. First I still have to figure out what I will do next year, but maybe with a manufacturer that is not a Ducati competitor I could do it again, with more preparation. I often think about those two weeks, winning a stage was something unexpected and unrepeatable. I was good and lucky, good at not giving up. Let’s say that that day, strangely, everything went well, because the others … Anyway, Ducati are starting to approach the Dakar, with Gigi (Dall’Igna; ed) I talked a lot, I repeat that he needs a nice engine, even if the difficult thing to understand is that in the Dakar you win by keeping the gas closed ”.

culture is lacking in america

From Saudi Arabia to America: “I was warned that in Motoamerica it was a bit complicated, but not that much. America is a huge country, there is no culture in our country, where as a child they start preparing you for the World Cup. In Virginia it’s a track where we could have raced with Ohvale, not Superbikes, it makes little sense. The last race we did instead on the Motoamerica circuit, beautiful, 6.5 kilometers long on a track designed in the hills. But the asphalt is… 25 years old. It has never happened to me to see real holes, points where the asphalt is missing. Too bad, because the championship is beautiful, there is a lot of public and the various categories are something they could think of even here to increase interest. But for me, safety is essential and racing in certain conditions doesn’t give too much taste ”.

I sin, too much pressure

Of course, we also talk about the MotoGP World Championship: “I see that Quartararo is showing that he has no major problems, winning the last World Championship he made a head start, it will be difficult to beat. I’m sorry for Pecco, he was unlucky in Barcelona. What Bastianini is doing is also very nice, he builds the races in a way you don’t expect. In terms of speed, Bagnaia is the strongest, but he was unlucky, plus his biggest opponent was to manage the pressure of being the big favorite for the title at the beginning of the year ”. Finally, the last message to Dall’Igna: “I’ve already told him several times, if MotoGP has to be tried, I’m here”

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