Mourning in the Turin home, Giuseppe Cairo died.  He was 90 years old

Giuseppe Cairo has left us. He had turned 90 on April 29, he looked much younger. Vice-president of the club led by his eldest son Urbano, he died in his home in Masio, a town in the Alessandria area on the border with Asti, where the family had planted its roots. He was always in the stands for Toro, even away if the distances allowed. Seeing it was simple. It was enough to direct your gaze to the VIP sector and you could not fail to notice those thick and long white hair soaring over a powerful body, as a stopper or as a breakthrough center-forward, to return to the terms in vogue when he played in Alexandria as a young man. Attentive, competent, but always discreet: never a word out of place. Cairo senior has become well liked by this stately presence.

The homage

The official website of the granata, with the flag of Toro edged in black, dedicated the following words to him: “A great mourning struck the Torino Football Club. Giuseppe Cairo, father of the President and Vice President of the Club. A good and generous man, Giuseppe Cairo was an example for many: he dedicated his life to work and thanks to the temper and tenacity that have always distinguished him he has achieved remarkable professional results. Always passionate about sports, as a former player he followed football with particular attention. An even more acute interest from 2005 onwards in the role of Vice President of Torino FC. Always a discreet figure, he never lacked his presence at the stadium and support for the team. He will be missed by many. The grenade world gathers around the Cairo family. To the children Urbano, Isabella, Roberto and Laura and to the beloved grandchildren, the affectionate embrace of the whole club “.


Sober and at the same time touching also the video made by Torino Channel. It opens with the image of Giuseppe and Urbano heading arm in arm towards midfield for the official photo of the season. Dad Cairo settles right in the middle, social uniform, arms crossed on his chest, he could easily be a coach. And again father and son in Superga, then in a ceremony in the Municipality, again in the middle of the green lawn, with Mr. Giuseppe, as he was called by everyone, proudly flaunting the official tie: the Bull must have given him, amplified, emotions when he played with the Grays a few years before a certain Gianni Rivera.


His entrepreneurial activity developed in the construction sector, where his other son, Roberto, still operates in Milan. The two daughters remained in Piedmont, in the hamlet of Abazia di Masio, choosing residences practically attached to the paternal residence. A position that has made Giuseppe less alone, who was widowed ten years ago by Maria Giulia Castelli, the one who pushed her first son to take on the team she was passionate about: the Bull, in fact. The granata president himself, who had a great relationship with his parents, told about it in different circumstances. Urbano, to remember his mother, has been organizing a summer tournament reserved for Primavera teams since 2013, the ‘Cairo mom trophy’. After the suspension for Covid, the tradition will resume on 4-5 August on the fields of Quattordio and Asti. And who knows if a new engraving does not appear on the plate of the cup intended for the winners: “Trophy mum and dad Cairo” …

At the club

“Giuseppe and I had known each other for a lifetime – recalled the mayor of Masio, Giovanni Airaudo -. He was always attentive, as Urbano is, to the problems of the town. I had met him recently. Even if he no longer drove, yes he regularly accompanied him to the club of Abazia, where he lived in the farmhouse near that of his daughters Isabella and Laura “. Country habits: the card game, a match seen on TV with friends … A simple, genuine everyday life, exactly like the union born in the mid-fifties between Giuseppe and Maria Giulia. And therefore it is inevitable to imagine that they are together again enjoying the children, the many grandchildren from above. And, of course, the Taurus.

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