Mazepin pays Schumacher

In difficulty since the start of the season vis-à-vis his teammate Kevin Magnussen, Mick Schumacher was strongly criticized by the one who was at his side at Haas in 2021, Nikita Mazepin. The Russian has also confirmed his desire to return to F1.

After a season of learning, Mick Schumacher is struggling to confirm. If he could rely on the excuse of having a single-seater not performing well in 2021, the son of Michael Schumacher has this season a Haas experiencing a resurgence of competitiveness. However, if Kevin Magnussen was able to compile fifteen points over the first eight rounds of the championship, the German pilot sees his total remaining stuck at zero, just like Nicholas Latifi at Williams. Disappointing results which drew the taunts of a certain Nikita Mazepin. Dismissed from the seat which was his within the American team because of the very tenuous links between Vladimir Poutine and his father Dimitry, who financed his career through his company Uralkali, the Russian driver strongly criticized his former teammate. ” Mick Schumacher? Its results speak for themselves, there is nothing to add “, he confided in an interview granted to the Russian media Championship.

Mazepin: “If the opportunity arose, I would be ready”

If he does not say he is surprised by the level of performance of Kevin Magnussen, who left aside his budding career in endurance and a seat at Peugeot to return to F1, Nikita Mazepin is more surprised by the competitiveness found in Haas. “I know what efforts we made together last year and I didn’t expect them to go so fast this season “said the Russian. The return of the Dane is even a source of motivation for the native of Moscow. “If we had asked Magnussen, at the end of February, if he was going to resume racing in a week, he would certainly have answered no, admitted Nikita Mazepin. Anything is possible, Kevin has shown that he has remained in excellent physical shape despite his absence from F1, and I intend to do exactly the same. To this end and as he will soon take part in the Silk Way Rally, the Russian driver assures us that he is training “even better”. “In three months, I did more exercises than in recent years, I will be able to drive tomorrowhe said. If the opportunity arose, I would be ready. However, the current context should not help him in his ambitions.

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