Marion Rousse, her secret with Jalabert

Behind the microphone of France Télévisions for five years, Marion Rousse has forged a very strong relationship with her companions Laurent Jalabert and Alexandre Pasteur.

A runner since the age of six, Marion Rousse did not hesitate to end her career at just 24 to fully embark on her new career as a commentator. A career started by chance after an invitation from Guillaume Di Grazia to participate in his program Les Rois de la pédal on Eurosport. She then had to do violence to herself. “The hardest test for me after a race was waiting for them to call you in front of everyone in the evening to pick up your cup. I hated being in front of the public, I hated it”she told in the Borders podcast.

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I couldn’t do both

After refusing the invitation from the Eurosport journalist, the former French champion gave in. Consequence of sound “go-getter and curious temperament”. And the Northerner quickly took to the game. To the point of deciding to end her career prematurely. “I could no longer do both – or even all three with my job at the Etampes town hall – and it was taking up more and more space. I walked less and less in the race, I had no more life. But I was thriving so much with this band and making a better living that I thought ‘what am I doing?’ », she explained. After 18 years on the bike, the decision was finally easy to make.

It was complete panic

Marion Rousse spent four years at Eurosport before joining France Télévisions. An opportunity that is hard to pass up. “I didn’t really believe it, she confided. At Eurosport, I was fine. I never tried to leave. But Fabrice Colin, the sports editor at France TV called me and asked me to come and comment on the Tour de France. It was complete panic. Leave Eurosport, guys, I didn’t want to. I thought about it and when I was a little girl, I watched France Télé, Vélo Club, Gérard Holtz… And I said to myself, ‘Marion, you can’t refuse.’ Commenting on the Tour in front of millions of viewers was a little girl’s dream.

With Jaja you can only get along well

The departure was finally all the easier as Alexandre Pasteur also left Eurosport for France Télévisions. “I had a friend coming with me, part of Eurosport. We helped each other a lot,” she recalled. Above all, his association with Laurent Jalabert immediately took hold. “With Jaja, you can only get along well, there is never a problem. He is happy, he is living his life. It’s true that the trio worked right away. And even better now because we got to know each other. But what is also our strength is that we move a lot on events. We talk to each other in the cabin, but all the rest of the week, we drive together, we have a real life together. Suddenly, this complicity, it is true, it is real. What you hear in the studio or in the commentaries is really like we talk to each other at the dinner table. France TV, it was really a turning point in my career, in my life.

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