Lukaku, Inter believe in it with the Dumfries card.  And for the loan she is now ready to pay

15 million on Denzel’s valuation, requested by Chelsea to unlock the striker. The next 10 days will be decisive for the deal

Romelu Lukaku and the FC Internazionale, the story of a utopia that has become reality. A return that seemed impossible and, instead, a real possibility was made: the ups and downs of the market made the Nerazzurri and the Belgian center-forward really cross. The road ahead together is still narrow, but never as this time everyone is convinced that there is space and time to travel it. Roma, it is well known, longs to return to the old happy life, when he was king in Milan, and Inter Milan is ready to take the opportunity to take back on loan, even onerous, a striker who is also a totem pole . The Belgian has already spoken with the top management of Chelsea, directly with the new president Todd Boehly, and has also confronted the coach Thomas Tuchel, the man who first wanted him in London and then transformed him into an eternal bench. He asked them to be “released” to get closer to him Ithaca, who is one and only Inter. After days of uncertainty and scattered evaluations, Chelsea opened for a loan, and the fact that it is not free does not scare the Nerazzurri anymore. But, at the same time, the English club has also expressed interest in a player from Inzaghi’s squad: Denzel Dumfries, the Dutchman, who has the strength and physique to make a great impression even in the Premier. In theory they would be two operations, that of Roma leaving and Dumfries entering, completely separate, but in practice they run on parallel tracks. And right here, in this junction, the parts in the comedy are still: the stillness, however, is only apparent because behind the scenes the phones ring and a lot.

The stages

Once he leaves the Belgian retreat, Romelu begins a peaceful period of rest at the sea, with his family and waiting for good news between Great Britain and Italy. Rom had taken it for granted that he had to stop in London again to talk face to face with the whole Chelsea world, but the telephone contacts with Tuchel and Boehly have already satisfied him: the green light to leave has arrived. If anything, the problem lurks in the evaluation of the loan and the value that the English give to Dumfries: about 25 million, too little for Inter who want, yes, to bring the Belgian prodigal son back to Milan, but do not intend to offer the ‘silverware. Translated, no discounts, about forty millions are needed and this would allow the whole practice to be unblocked. It is true that the London company, however, has an annual amortization charge of 24 million in charge, but the first talks made it clear that the new American property would be satisfied with a much smaller figure, especially if it were to fix the right wing at the same time. In any case, the Nerazzurri are now ready to take a decisive step and pay the loan to Chelsea: how much this amount will be and to what extent will depend on the success of the Dumfries deal will be understood in a very short time. Next week will be the decisive one to clear some of the fog that still surrounds the operation: either a definitive acceleration, with the consequent landing of the Belgian in Milan as a triumph, or the end of Romelu’s dream. And not just about him. At Inter, you can find the first sponsor of the Lukaku-bis on the bench: a handful of training sessions were enough for Inzaghi one summer ago to understand which atomic weapon is Roma if used in the right way. The transfer to Chelsea was a sudden, unexpected stab and, on the contrary, the possibility of a return would change the manager’s mood: in this championship Simone often missed the battering ram to knock down the walls.


However, there are many maneuvers around Dumfries, also because Chelsea is not the only Englishman who has sniffed the deal: a team with strong Dutch traction is being born in red Manchester and Ten Hag has asked for Denzel in his United. In any case, it will not go beyond June 30 to ensure that Lukaku can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Growth Decree (the 50% discount on taxes). Thanks to this assist, Inter can concede 7 million net, just over 10 gross: a salary halved compared to last season, but which would amply satisfy the player. It may be because of this fiscal point or because of Tuchel’s interest in Dumfries, but something seems to be moving for real. Optimism is the scent of life, the poet Tonino Guerra said in an old advertisement, and Roma and Inter are finally breathing it deeply.

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