Ludovica Cavalli completes the blue poker of the 1500s

At the meeting in Sollentuna, Sweden, the 21-year-old Ligurian obtained the time trial that qualifies her for the European Championships in Munich

Giorgio Rondelli

The fast blue female middle-distance runner is increasingly in the limelight. In particular on the distance of 1500 meters. The 21-year-old Ligurian obtained the last result from Circolino Rosso Ludovica Cavalli running the distance in 4.05.79 last weekend at Sollentuna meeting in Sweden. His previous record of 4.07.47 was from a race held on May 4th in Rome. This is the fourth time of the Italian season after those of Gaia Sabbatini (4.01.93), Elena Bellò (4.05.09) and Federica Del Buono (4.05.58).

The Munich European Pass

A time trial, that of Cavalli, which is also worth the minimum to participate in the championships European Championships in Munich next August. Even if at the event, by regulation, only three athletes per nation can compete. At the moment Cavalli, being the fourth, would be excluded. But it is very likely that Elena Bellò will only participate in the 800 meters race so Ludovica, who has been living in Modena since the autumn of 2019 where she studies chemistry and is trained by the coach Liberato Pellecchia, should have the green light to be competing on the 1500 meters with Gaia Sabbatini and Federica Del Buono.


Ludovia Cavalli, who competes for the colors of theAeronauticsmade a great leap in quality already in the last winter season. First by winning the tricolor title on the 3000 indoor and then the one on the short cross of 3 kilometers. She had also shown that she had grown a lot also from the aerobic aspect, greatly improving her personal lei on the road over longer distances. First in the 10,000 with the 33.15 obtained in Stezzano on 10 April. Then she too in the 5000 with 15.51 on April 24 in Malaga. Now it remains only to find out what the talented Ligurian athlete, who played football as a left winger from a very young age, can do if she returns to compete on the 3000 steeplechase, where she has a record of 2018, very backdated, of 10.24.41. Only then she ran 1500 in 4.34.71 and not in 4.05.79 and 3000 in 9.44.12 and not in 9.05.11.

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